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Get Notified on your Favorite Teams upcoming matches and results
Hiko |
Hi everyone,

For those that haven't seen this, we have a launched a new feature last week to be able to get notified on upcoming matches and results of the teams you like. Notifications can be both on Desktop and Mobile, always through your Browser (you don't need to install an app).

You can follow these steps to enable them:

Register an account if you don't have one -

Once you're registered (if you use email you need to verify your account), login and go to your profile -

Click the Edit Profile button
Under "Browser Notifications" you will see a button "Enable" - Click it. You will get a popup to confirm allowing to receive Notifications from the website. Once enabled, the button should change to "Disable"

The last step would be to find your favorite team page (for example: and click the "Subscribe" button

Once that is done, you will start receiving Notifications when TSM will be playing and their results as well immediately. The upcoming matches notification is sent around 30 minutes before the game starts.

If you want to stop receiving the notifications, you can click the "Disable" button on your Profile or just remove all the teams you are subscribed to (removing teams can be done from the Team page again or from the Edit Profile as well)

Some limitations that you should know about:

Currently does not work on Safari but the rest of browsers should work

On Desktop, you will need to have the browser open to be able to receive the notifications - you don't need to have the website open though.

In order to see the "Enable" button, you need to disable AdBlock

Here's a preview of a notification received on Desktop:

If you are having problems, let us know in the comments

Do not hesitate to drop your suggestions here - open to hear out any ideas/improvements :)
2021-01-14 15:34


2021-01-14 16:24

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