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-2k hours in cs
-1k in paladins
-can improve fast and learn other agents but maining phoenix, jett, sage and brim rn
-d3 last act but I think I can do way better with a proper team
-IGL/entry but can adapt to other roles
-Fluent in English

I'm looking for a serious team/premade with a high skill ceiling who wants to improve and win more than anything.
If you need more info just send me a dm on discord and I'll gladly answer it.

2021-01-17 08:21


Hi, I will add you later in the vening when I come home back form work.
I am also searhcing for serious premade, possibly a team with non-toxic players who wants to constantly improve and have already some experience.

- S H A G G Y#5806
- currently D2, last act rank: IMM3
- 22y.o.
- Slovakia
- 2.5k hrs in CS:GO/ 2.5k hrs in CS:S/ 1k hrs in CS 1.6
- fluent in ENG
- entry fragger/ supportive role / also IGL support
- maining KJ, Sage, Cypher Raze, wanna try Yoru

2021-01-18 04:46
o teu ID esta incorreto pelo menos é oq aparece.
btw vou dar add, im1 no ultimo ato

2021-01-18 09:53
Yo sry n tinha visto manda o teu disc ent que eu dou add
2021-01-23 08:38
2021-01-23 15:57
Name - japz
Country: Slovenia
Age - 21
Region - Central EU
Agents - Reyna, kj, omen
Rank - diamond 2-3
Experience - i've played valorant for like 15 days now.. old cods and csgo player (8k hours)... more than 40k hours total in competitive 5v5 shooters... lan, teams, tournaments, scrims experience..
add me on discord:
2021-01-18 16:34

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