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Peak Top 150 723 RR Jett OP/Flex LFT Long Term/Plans To Enter VCT
Hello, my name is Jared and my IGN is JeyG.

Last act I peaked 723 RR which was around top 150 and I am currently looking and undergoing trials for the upcoming VCT season.
I have a minimal VLR page that is from a tournament when I was barely immortal (just hit immortal this summer.) I am improving quickly and excited to see where Valorant takes me.

I have plenty of teams experience from collegiate League of Legends, PUBG, and Valorant. I have played and won a 64 team Valorant tournament and participated in plenty of BO5s. I know what it takes to be a good teammate from the several titles I have competed in.

I recently had the opportunity of trialing for a salary position with a T2 team amongst 30 other individuals, plenty of which were in the top 100 of the comp ladder and have T2 experience. I held my own and communicated well despite the org heading in a different direction.

Please feel free to reach out and discuss details with me:

Jared#6292 is my Discord.

2022-01-15 17:54

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