I am a software engineer who loves Valorant. After months of work, I finally finished the first version of a Valorant Pro Scene Simulator.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the best of the Americas played the best of EMEA? Or how the old Sentinels team would do against the current teams? Or who will be on top in the upcoming franchised league?

Valorant Simulator - the ultimate tool for simulating professional matches with VCT teams. Our site allows you to select from a range of VCT teams and pit them against each other in a simulated pro match. Choose your favorite team and see how they stack up against the competition. With accurate team stats and realistic match simulation, Valorant Simulator is the perfect way to experience the excitement of professional Valorant matches. Try it out now and see how your team fares in the world of VCT!

I have so many ideas to include later on. Let me know what you think and if you can support it with a donut as it allows me to dedicate more time and resources to this project without putting annoying ads on the site!

Link: https://ValorantSimulator.com

The engine uses stats from last year's VCT competitive season. It doesn't take into account competition quality so players that were competing in less competitive regions might have better ratings. This will improve after franchise starts and there's more accurate data available. Also, there were not stats available for the streamer's teams so their rating is not accurate.
21 days ago


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