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Comment a take/opinion you have on valorant, VCT, or anything actually.
If you think a team or player is underrated, overrated, if you think something needs a buff or nerf, or something else, comment it in this thread and I will make a video covering and analyzing it on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m7KdnwwLvg&ab_channel=VCTwithAVE

If you watch the NFL or NBA, you probably have heard of Skip and Shannon talk show, First Take talk show, Stephen A Smith talk show, Inside the NBA on TNT talk show, etc...
the goal of the channel is to make a talk show similar to these sports talk shows where I predict games, show recaps, state my power rankings and player rankings all in a visually professional way, like if the NFL were animating the transitions. The goal is just to bring more interest to VCT, with easy access fun sized content, rather than watching a 2 hour vod, or a 30 minute clips compilation. Also I will start implementing vod analysis for people who want to understand Valorant high level strategy. But the more entertainment based content can be seen in this video as an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m7KdnwwLvg&ab_channel=VCTwithAVE
For my upcoming video I want to analyze a bunch of viewer opinions in a video and add if I agree or disagree with them, so please give me your input on an opinion you have on the game

ALSO what else would you like to watch relating to the valorant competitive scene?
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