Game Changers Championship teams Finalized
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With the conclusion of all game changer events worldwide, the stage for the final event of the game changers circuit is set in Berlin, Germany. Berlin will bring the eight best game changers teams from around the world to compete for the throne as the best in the world.

North America

Cloud9 White, the most dominant female team in the region has qualified for the event through the third iteration of the North American GC tournament for the year. The team would go flawless through the Open Qualifier, Closed Qualifier and Main event to qualify for the event. The six-time NA GC champions look to take home the crown in the first international event for the scene, similar to what Sentinels did in Masters 2: Reykjavik.

The other North American representative is another topstead within NA Game Changers, Shopify Rebellion. Shopify would have a tougher time qualifying for the event with a loss in the closed qualifier to Complexity GX3, and close games in the main event against Misfits Black and Complexity GX3 where they would face C9 White. After losing to C9, they would take on the lower bracket where they would meet Misfits Black. While in a close game, Shopify were able to pull out the win, granting them a rematch in the grand finals. Unfortunately, they were unable to dethrone the queens of the North American scene losing 3–0 to C9 White in the grand finals. They did however have enough circuit points through their consistent placements through the year to qualify them for this final.


Guild X enters Berlin after taking down their kryptonite in the EMEA Series 3 grand finals of game changers. While they were a consistent team through 2022, making a grand final appearance at every event. They were never able to defeat fellow EMEA representative G2 Gozen. In the final event of the year however, this was not the case. Guild would soar through the swiss stage with a 5–1 record, suffering their only swiss loss to Natus Vincere Celestials. In playoffs the team would sweep their competition till they reached G2 in the upper-semifinals, they would go on to lose the match at a 2–1 scoreline but would have the lower bracket to fight through to qualify. They would do exactly that, defeating Acend Rising, TENSTAR Nova and their rematch against Natus Vincere Celestials to get their chance at G2 again. In the finals it was a back-to-back fight but ultimately it was Guild who was able to pull it out against G2 at a 3–2 scoreline, qualifying them for the GC Championship.

G2 Gozen, as mentioned before, was the top team in EMEA GC. They have won every EMEA GC event till this point only dropping 2 maps in series one and two combined. They would gain a flawless record in the series three group stage going 6–0 and qualifying for playoffs as a top seed. In the playoffs, they would defeat all opponents to make their grand finals appearance. In the grand finals, the favourites would suffer their first runner-up of the year. But with their top results at all game changers events, they would have the points to secure their spot at the GC championship.


The Brazilian powerhouse, Team Liquid Brazil has taken the spot for the Brazilian region. Liquid has been a top team in the region, winning every qualifier for the event and other game changers events like Protocolo: Gêneses 2022. While they were the team to beat through the year, nobody was able to do so, but many have come close like Gamelanders Purple, ODDIK Bright and B4 Angels all boasting 3–1 and 3–2 score lines against the team respectively. Liquid would win the second series of their GC circuit and qualify for the Berlin event.


Representing Latin-America is KRÜ Fem. Ever since their entrance into the game changers scene in Latam, they have torn up the scene boasting a flawless record in Latin-America South. They would go up against the likes of Movistar Optix Fem, Undead Gaming Fem and 9z Team Fem in the south and remain undefeated. In the third series, they would battle through the south and win the tournament over 9z Team Fem to qualify for the regional finals. At the regional finals, they would take on the winner of the Latin-American North circuit, FiRePOWER. In the regional finals, they would sweep FiRePOWER 3–0 and qualify for the Berlin event.


X10 Sapphire are the Asia-Pacific representative, taking down the reigning champs in Alter Ego Celeste. X10 qualified for the main event through the group stage where they boasted a 3–0 record to qualify for the knockouts stage. In the knockouts stage, they were able to take down Not Your Business Female to qualify for the APAC GC: LCQ playoffs. In the playoffs, they would take down ARF Starlight, W Streak Esports Female and X Team Bo in a 2–0 and 3–0 order respectively to qualify for the APAC: Elite tournament. At the APAC: Elite tournament they would flawlessly take down Bren Esports Victress and Team SMG, before they would face the queens of APAC in Alter Ego Celeste. They would take down the reigning champs 2–1 in the upper-finals before meeting them again in the grand finals. In the grand finals, it was a close fight but X10 was able to take down Alter Ego again 3–2 to qualify them for the international event.


FENNEL GC are the East Asia Representatives. Their journey began in the GC Japan qualifier where they would qualify as the Group A winner for playoffs. In playoffs, they would 2–0 Focus e-Sports Female to qualify for the GC East Asia playoffs. In the seeding match, they would take down REIGNITE Lily 3–2 to qualify as the top seed from Japan going into the East-Asia playoffs. In the EA group stage, FENNEL would hold a 1–1 record and proceed to the playoffs. In playoffs, FENNEL would best Oxyg3niOus 2–1 before meeting [SPEAR GAMING Female]() in the grand finals. FENNEL would go on and 3–0 SPEAR GAMING in order to qualify for the Berlin event.

Now that the stage is set, the eight teams that will meet in the Game Changers Championship are:

- Cloud9 White
- Shopify Rebellion GC
- Guild X
- G2 Gozen
- Team Liquid Brazil
- KRÜ Fem
- X10 Sapphire
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