I don't know why there aren't more of these in Esports, it's like a Valorant Gym lol.
Posted byCanada frontlines
I've been struggling to climb , I mainly thought my struggle was due to bad teammates or luck. But because I want to be a pro I had to find a way to climb somehow, I learned about this academy called WarJar that actually trains low elo players to get ready for the pro scene and climb ranks quickly; they even guarantee your spot on a team.

They took me on their step by step rank climbing program, put me in some high tier scrims and taught me how to work around MMR not just shitty vod reviews. In 3 days I went from silver to Ascendant which was crazy and I'm now trying out for various teams, if you're stuck in silver - plat there's finaaly redemption, lol.
3 months ago


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