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Hi, everyone.

I've enjoyed Valorant ever since it's been first made available. Though, it annoys me beyond belief to have to resort to relying on people, who frankly misclicked "Competitive" when they meant to press "Unranked." Then you make a strategy for your team to follow, and they decide to rush alone as defenders - then blame you and tell you that your strategy sucked.

Or to have them flash your K/D, when I main Cypher and they play Reyna. If you do this, listen - your K/D doesn't matter IF YOU LOSE THE GAME. It's about team points moreso than KD, though KD does annoyingly factor into how much RR you receive (IMO way too much). This, by extension, means that dualists get boosted up and down way more, while sentries like Cypher, because I'm picking off what my teammates didn't kill, get fewer rewards for the same number of wins, but greater punishment for same number of loses. In other words - total unfair bullshit.

I'm looking for competitive Valorant players, looking to better their experience by queuing with fewer random elements. I may occasionally have internet issues, though those are usually quickly resolved (in non-toxic teams) and don't significantly impact the round.

My playstyle is of a camping Cypher. On attack, I set up traps behind the team and tell us to stay relatively together, unless we are coherent enough to send one to fake. Maybe I'll be the fake. Maybe I'll go first. Winning in Valorant, and similar competitive shooters, is all about knowing more than your enemy knows about you. That's why I preffer Cypher, the camera, the tripwires - if I play it right, I can find out where all of my enemies are and have them killed by proxy.

Who's down to clown? DM me your Discord, I don't know if you can direct-message on this site, I literally just registered.
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