VRL CIS Makes a Return for 2023
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In a recent announcement by Riot Games, it was revealed that Challengers CIS: Milestone would be making a return during the upcoming VCT season.


VRL CIS was one of eight regional legues that were introduced in the beginning of 2022 to provide a path to VCT EMEA qualification. Midway through the first season, the event was cancelled due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The VRL missed out on the rest of 2022 due to the cancellation of the event,the players however remained competing in events such as Circuito Tormenta: Liga Radiante, VRL DACH and VEU Weeklies.

With the return of the tournament, it allows teams with a core of players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia to compete within the closed circuit. Similarly to other challenger leagues, they will be able to compete for a slot within the EMEA partnered league.

The full ruleset for the league is set to be published within the coming weeks, aswell as more information about other European challenger leagues.
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