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VRL Final
zeek |
Vitality vs FUT

map 1: Breeze (V)

In the first half it was Vitality attacking. they lose the pistol but once they get guns in their hands the fight
becomes equal again. Great postplants and some poor individual attempts from FUT let them win 6 rounds and tie up
the half. Nonetheless Vita was at times too passive and Cender was missing some shots.

On defence Vitality looked great tho'. As FUT struggled to play together and trade well, vitality had every timing
and peek coordinated so well. Meanwhile the turkish team, seemed to have run out of ideas quickly.

13-6 for vitality, flawless defence.

overall Cender was shaky, but the team was well coordinated and their util
was on point, while FUT players played by themselves too often.

map 2: Bind (F)

now this is fucked up.

FUT played extremely well, but then BaddyG happened.
Baddy carried Vitality more than anyone i've seen carry a team.
i don't even know what to say tbh, mojj going for the knife round 4 lost them the game and BaddyG won this one
essentialy on his own. analysis over. 37-17 went BaddyG on omen.

Map 3: Ascent (V)

pressure is on FUT now, let's see what happens.

on their defence, FUT dominated same as last time. Vitality actually won 2 more rounds than last time, and in that
game they came back and won. qw1 made a good argument for his team to win in a few rounds and Vita had a very thin playbook.

last time Vita won 12 rounds in a row on defence here - this time around they only won 7 out of 11 and although H1ber
tried his best FUT was just more prepared for this map.

map 4: Icebox (F)

will there be a reverse sweep?

Vitality just seemed so mentally done on icebox. FUT didn't overcomplicate things on attack wich granted them a good attacking
half meanwhile Vitality was just doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for things to change. now that is insanity.
gotta just add: i liked how vitality used their reyna on defence, but it was still a reyna. Why not pick Raze, kay/o, skye or even the jett?!

map 5: Split
so we are going all the way to 5 maps...
i'm kinda tired by now but let's get into it.

Vitality's comp is so off, i don't even want them to win anymore! and another reyna! what is going on?

FUT wins and they were definitely better, on split Vitality was way too passive on defence while FUT played just very well...

honestly so happy it's over, the last two games were just so sloppy.

Congrats to FUT, they played well. Vitality didn't for the most part. i'm gonna go take a walk or something - "touch some grass" as the kids call it these days...
2022-08-05 14:58


zeek | tamas1n
i've got a headache from all this valorant tbh
2022-08-05 14:59
THUKYDESSS | ArmandVanHelden
2022-08-05 15:21
zeek | tamas1n
thank you for taking this journey with me mr. VanHelden
2022-08-05 17:57

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