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16 invited teams revealed for $25k VALORANT Elite Showdown

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Community Gaming have announced the first two sets of invited teams for the Community Gaming VALORANT Elite Showdown - Main Event, scheduled to be held from November 11th to the 14th.

The sixteen teams are as follows:

Dignitas Evil Geniuses Gen.G Black Ghost Gaming Immortals Kansas City Pioneers Cloud9 White Pittsburgh Knights Akrew Andbox Built By Gamers TSM FTX Academy CLG Red Cloud9 Academy Knights Academy Cosmic Divide

This group is only a part of the 64 total teams that are expected to participate in the event. While one half of them are invited, the other half will have to fight their way through the Open Qualifier that starts November 5th.

The event will undoubtedly be an interesting way for North American teams to get competitive exposure against each other and serve as a light-hearted tournament before VALORANT Champions 2021 kicks off in December.

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