Acend and Fnatic to play at Egypt's biggest esports LAN

written by AashirAhmed - September 26, 2022 at 4:0pm
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As part of Riot’s efforts to keep the Valorant community engaged in the esports, a series of tournaments are being held across the world. Today, a new addition to this series was announced with Egypt being given the opportunity to host the top 8 teams from EU and MENA region.

The tournament organizers, BME, posted a cryptic message about the tournament including the start date of the tournament, 22nd October, as well as hints to the participating teams. It didn’t take long for the masterminds of social media to decipher the clues and enlist all the participants at the tournament:

JordanNASR EsportsBahrainPiercer EsportsEgyptTeam RA'ADSaudi ArabiaTeam FalconsUnited Arab EmiratesYaLLa EsportsUnited Arab EmiratesGeekay EsportsEuropeFnaticEuropeAcend

SUPERDOME will be Egypt’s biggest esports LAN taking place at Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex (Hall 1) with a 30,000-seat capacity. BME Sports have previously organized Insomnia Egypt, Egypt's Biggest Gaming Festival as well as several Offline watch parties so the event should be a smooth sailing one.


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