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Akademus Esport reveal full VALORANT roster

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VALORANT is taking the world by storm, and established French esports organization, Akademus Esport, is joining in. The roster consists of Robin “Mylent” Le Bourhis, Adrien “Adriantjeee” Gremillion, Kevin “Shymik” Vassaux, Romain “MAZAK1NG” Garrigue, and Clément “CLMKK” Victor, all of which are former Battalion 1944 and Call of Duty professionals.

The captain of Akademus Esport’s VALORANT roster, Mylent, has over 2000 hours clocked on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in addition to qualifying for a major and three LAN tournaments between Europe and North America playing Battalion 1944. He managed to get third twice and fifth once in these competitions.

“We have observed them for over a month, and we looked over important aspects such as professionalism, stability, constancy, and involvement. Additionally to that, we feel like the results were better than anticipated with the first French and European tournaments. These players are ready to work hard to achieve their goals, and we are very proud to be able to help them, and follow them to the limits,” commented for THESPIKE.GG Calvin “Prime" Imbert, responsible for managing the VALORANT team.

Adriantjeee played briefly with CLMKK on the same team during Call of Duty 4, and managed to win consecutive France’s Gamers Assembly titles in 2013 and 2014, as well as a European LAN championship in Brussels in 2014. This is the first high-profile esports experience for Shymik as he briefly managed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team to two Gamers Assembly title victories.

MAZAK1NG has more extensive experience in various first-person shooters and won his first LAN in 2012 with the Ajougame 11. Later on in his career, he switched to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has registered over 5000 hours so far, while participating in around twenty LANs such as Dreamhack, France’s Gamers Assembly, PXL, and more. Last but not least, CLMKK played Call of Duty 4 and Apex Legends professionally.

“The long term goal is obviously to participate in all of these high profile events. It might sound weird to say that, but for the first time, we believe that we are capable. The potential of our team is very high, and we are certain that they will bring us to new heights that we did not envision at the beginning,” expressed Maxime “Maxi” Loop, responsible for esports matter in the organization, in a conversation with THESPIKE.GG.

Current Akademus Esport roster consists of:

Robin “Mylent” Le Bourhis Adrien “Adriantjeee” Gremillion Kevin “Shymik” Vassaux Romain “MAZAK1NG” Garrigue Clément “CLMKK” Victor


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gl boys - france scene always big in numbers in every game ?
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