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Alliance reveal Danish roster

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The VRL - Northern Europe: Polaris - Stage 2 - Main Event representatives, Alliance have revealed their new roster right before the season-start. The all-Danish roster includes Mathias  "SEIDER" Seider, Nichlas "Nille" Busk, Claes  "Malfoy" Søgaard, kodazy, Albert "Albert" Mikkelsen and Casper "desmo" Rasmussen as the coach.

Alliance had wonderful performances during the regular season of VRL - Northern Europe: Polaris - Stage 1 - Main Event, securing six wins and losing only one throughout the split. Despite dominating the league in the earlier stages, they couldn’t impress their fans in the playoffs, losing back-to-back games in upper and lower bracket first-rounds before getting eliminated. The board decided to go for a roster that is formed by only Danish talent and the announcement came today right before their opening game of the stage against who cars?.

The first piece of the roster, Mathias  "SEIDER" Seider, is the IGL and the most experienced player on the roster. He has been playing professionally for more than two years now and he is holding a 1.09 rating in his career. Nichlas "Nille" Busk is joining him, one of the upcoming talents of the Danish VALORANT community. He played for Tundra Esports in the last stage and he was on the team that took down Alliance in the playoffs. Claes  "Malfoy" Søgaard holds a 1.04 rating and a 1.09 K/D. kodazy’s last stop was junummer, where he came up against teams like Giants Gaming during VCT 2022 - Europe - Stage 1 - Open Qualifier 1. He played Viper and Astra during the tournament and he had the best individual performance on his team. Lastly, Albert "Albert" Mikkelsen has joined from HEET. He holds a 1.11 rating and a 1.16 K/D throughout his career, mainly playing Jett and Skye.

The new roster that fights on the battlefield on the first day of the announcement is:

Mathias  "SEIDER" Seider Nichlas "Nille" Busk Claes  "Malfoy" Søgaard kodazy Albert "Albert" Mikkelsen Casper "desmo" Rasmussen (Coach)


2022-05-09 18:39
by a lot. apart from SEIDER, bunch of unknowns
2022-05-10 06:06
Yeah downgrade indeed, no disrespect to the players. I can only think that they overpaid their old roster and this new roster will be far far cheaper and keeps their name in VRL
2022-05-10 05:06

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