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Angry Titans players announce free agency

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All of the Angry Titans players’ contracts have expired according to their tweets. The roster wants to stick together but they are also open to individual offers.

Angry Titans started their VRL - DACH: Evolution - Stage 2 - Main Event journey with only one roster change. They parted ways with Armin "litshii" Pervan and signed Taranvir "bipo" Singh ahead of the tournament. The roster change affected their performance gradually. Titans grabbed two wins, four draws, and one loss during the regular season and clinched a ticket for the playoffs. After a very successful playoff run, Angry Titans took down Dsyre in the Grand Finals and qualified for VRL - Finals. Despite making it out of the Group Stage, Angry Titans got eliminated in the playoffs.

The roster includes many important talents for the EMEA VRL scene. steps up with a 1.04 rating for the past three months of action. Considering VRL - DACH: Evolution - Stage 2 - Main Event, the Portuguese player held a 1.19 rating in 22 maps. He was also the best Chamber player, again with a 1.19 rating.

Angry Titans’ 5-man roster that won the DACH league is:

Fabio "AFoxx" Veigas Jacob "Lime" Foster Marco "HearthBeat" Soffia Taranvir "bipo" Singh Andreas "Eppz" Vallvingskog iLka (Coach) James "Faustus" Frye (Assistant Coach) Rubiiyz (Assistant Coach)


MOLSI | tamas1n
that is so sad to see, but not suprising with franchise leagues around the corner
2022-08-06 12:03
ABATMAN | Rainyy
franchising is starting to kill all t2 talent and some t1 teams with "no name" orgs.

fuck franchising all my homies hate franchising
2022-08-06 12:07

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