Annie steps down from Cloud9 White roster, Bob joins

written by ArmandVanHelden June 15, 2022 at 9:5pm
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Annie "AnnieDro" Roberts has stepped down from the Cloud9 White VALORANT roster to join the stream team as a content creator. Bob "Bob" Tran will replace Annie in the upcoming tournaments.
Cloud9 White have conquered North America by winning 4 Game Changers trophies so far. They have dominated VCT GC 2021 - North America Series 1 - Main Event, VCT GC 2021 - North America Series 2 - Main Event, VCT GC 2021 - North America Series 3 - Main Event, and lastly, VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 1 - Main Event. Annie was an important piece of the roster in all the tournaments. However, Cloud9 White struggled during VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Open Qualifier 2, losing two games and failing to qualify for the main event.

Annie has shared a TwitLonger which expressed how she was unhappy competing and had not been in a bit. The North American player has held a 1.02 rating and a 1.09 K/D since the beginning of her career. Annie has also played 4586 rounds and 238 maps in total. We have seen her playing Sova 165 times in her career but for the last three months, Annie played Breach 19 times as the most-picked agent in official games.

The latest addition to the roster, Bob, was a part of the Soniqs roster. Bob’s most picked agent is also Sova, with 262 times in total. The Australian player holds a 1.05 rating in 383 maps.

Annie’s departure and Bob’s arrival have shifted the team roster to:

United StateskatsumiCanadaJasmine "Jazzyk1ns" ManankilCanadaMelanie "meL" CaponeUnited StatesAlexis "alexis" GuarrasiAustraliaBob "Bob" TranUnited StatesReid "x0tek" Johnson *(Coach)*


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