AtlasGaming sign a VALORANT roster

by NANA 2020-05-03

The organizations that were absent in the industry for a while, are making their comebacks together with the upcoming release of VALORANT. Some time ago, we reported about the Swedish organization, Begrip Gaming, that entered the scene as the very first in the world, and today another organization is following their steps.

AtlasGaming was established in the middle of 2016 but after two years of participating in various tournaments, further operations were put on hiatus in 2018. Over the years, AtlasGaming had representation in games such as Rocket League, Hearthstone, and CS:GO, and together with their comeback to the esports industry in April 2020 they managed to acquire players in these games once again (except for Rocket League).

Seeing the upcoming release of VALORANT this Summer, the returning organization decided to find the best fit to represent its colors in the competitive scene of the Riot Games’ newest title.

“We consider Valorant a promising game, which is built on solid foundations of the previous competitive FPS titles. It has the aim mechanics that closely resemble C.S. 1.6. mixed in with the modern character-based tactical shooter,” comments AtlasGaming in the official announcement.

The team consists of five French players with previous experience in games like Counter-Strike: Source and CS:GO. Some of them know each other for a bit, and even played together in online tournaments hosted in these games. The members of the squad are Matthieu “arA” Maestre, who is taking the role of the team’s captain, Elijah “hrZXv3” Calonnec, Ilyes “Ilyes” Kerrouche, Raphael “Izuchii” Bethaz, and Thomas “WauX” Pascal.

“As a player, I am very excited to play for AtlasGaming again. It feels like coming back home, and I know the organization support will match our ambition. I’m looking forward to us to achieve great things together,” says Matthieu “arA” Maestre in the official announcement.

The team is ready for the upcoming challenges and the progression of the VALORANT esports scene.

AtlasGaming lineup consists of:

Matthieu “arA” Maestre Elijah “hrZXv3” Calonnec Ilyes “Ilyes” Kerrouche Raphael “Izuchii” Bethaz Thomas “WauX” Pascal

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