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BBL Esports announce the addition of QutionerX

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BBL Esports has announced that they have found an agreement with Doğukan "QutionerX" Dural to join their roster ahead of VCT 2022.

After getting lots of interest from Turkish fans, BBL Esports failed to keep the hype alive in 2021 and are now searching for new players to rebuild their roster. QutionerX has previously played for Kafalar Esports. The last match that he played back in October was in fact against the same BBL Esports when they played at the Open Fire All Stars in the Grand Final and lost to end up in 2nd place.

QutionerX used to be a professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive player. Back in the days, he played with Caner "CyderX" Demir, Baran "Izzy" Yılmaz, and Doğukan "qRaxs" Balaban. After his switch from CS to VALORANT, he signed a contract with Kafalar and competed in VCT Turkey through all stages but the team has never managed to make any big impact. The closes they got to an international experience was when they finished 3rd-4th place in VCT Turkey Stage 2 Challengers 1 when they had lost to Futbolist in the semi final.

While we might see more moves in the upcoming days for BBL Esports roster, the current one includes: Ali Osman "AsLanM4shadoW" Balta Hüseyin "aimDLL" Kabişteke Serhat "Muj" Yüksel Barış "Fred" Özdemir Doğukan "QutionerX" Dural

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