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BIG recruit Ultimate as their fourth VALORANT squad member

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The German organization, BIG, started off their VALORANT recruitment with Alexander "alexRr" Frisch and the decorated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Fatih "gob b" Dayik. Ceyhun "AslaN" Aslan was picked up as the third piece of the roster, and now it is time for the fourth member, Alexander "Ultimate" Pauls.

Alexander “Ultimate” Pauls is a former CS:GO professional, just like his teammates. The German player won the ESL Wintermeisterschaft 2017 Division 2 Playoffs, followed by respectable second and third place finishes in the Blick Esports Masters and 99Liga Season #11 Division 1 League respectively.

His VALORANT career is quite short, but he managed to pick up the Fragster VALORANT Invitational title when he played under VALORANDO. In addition to that, he participated in the Wave Esports Invitational Cup - S1 with Team zonixx, where they ended up in the 13th-16th position. Ultimate already represented BIG as a stand-in the Mandatory.GG Cup, which the team finished between the 33th-64th position. He is playing with them in the GLX Elite tournament as well, but this time as an official member of the team. As of the time of writing, BIG are on top of their group, after two wins over OffLimits and Totem Providence.

Who do you think will join BIG as their fifth? How will they perform when put up against the best teams in Europe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

BIG’s VALORANT roster consists of:

Alexander “alexRr” Frisch Fatih “gob b” Dayik Ceyhun “AslaN”Aslan Alexander “Ultimate” Pauls


ANS | Germanicus
BIG have been very underwhelming so far. I won't write them off yet - Sentinels were very underwhelming too. But maybe they have to take their approach of consolidating a 5th member and practicing a lot to figure out their playstyle before they try to challenge the best.
2020-08-06 15:10
Wedid | vainFPS
Yeah I'd say aswell that they need some time to figure things out. I think the players them self are pretty good.
2020-08-09 04:49
EZ top1 for BIG in Valorant too
2020-08-08 20:09

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