Case Esports announce MiniBoo, Filu and Hearthbeat

written by ArmandVanHelden September 17, 2022 at 4:49pm
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Case Esports have announced their new roster with three additions to the team. The latest VRL Spain winners have signed Dominykas "MiniBoo" Lukasevicius, Dawid "Filu" Czarnecki, and Marco "HearthBeat" Soffia to fill their roster before the season starts.

Case Esports, which is owned by Real Madrid’s known player Casemiro, matched the expectations in the last stage by winning the regional tournament. They were the leader of the regular season and the standings did not change during the playoffs as they swept UCAM Tokiers in the grand final to lift the trophy. Case represented Spain at VRL Finals but failed to win a single map against FUT Esports in the Lower Bracket Final and couldn’t see the final match. The team has renewed its roster with three new-bloods for the upcoming season.

The youngster of the trio, MiniBoo has played for NEBRKRAKR lastly and he holds a 1.10 rating since the start of his career. Secondly, filu is one of the newest additions to the roster. He previously played against CASE in the VRL Spain Grand Final, under the UCAM Tokiers jersey. Lastly, Angry Titans’ Herathbeat is the last piece to fill the roster. The Italian player holds a 1.01 rating and he is known for playing smoker agents.

Case Esports’ roster for the upcoming season is:

LithuaniaDominykas "MiniBoo" LukaseviciusPolandDawid "Filu" CzarneckiItalyMarco "HearthBeat" SoffiaBulgariaBerkant "Wolfen" JoshkunSpainSalvador "Yurii" GascoSpainAlex "goked" Kie (Head Coach)


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