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Charlotte Phoenix release their VALORANT roster

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Charlotte Phoenix has been an early surprise in the VALORANT scene. They signed some big names, such as Todd "anger" Williams, and have been able to play top teams quite closely. No better was this shown than at the Pulse Invitational, where they finished second in their group over the favoured Echo 8 and played TSM FTX quite closely. Unfortunately, today Charlotte Phoenix have announced the release of their roster.

There’s certainly been some things afoot in the squad as of late. On July 16, William "Sh0ts" Griffith announced his departure from the team, and they've been looking for a 5th member ever since. Combine this with coach Justin “Metapusher” Wilkes’ tweets about being unable to receive tournament invites despite their skill because they weren’t represented by a large organization, and it’s clear things have been stewing in the team for a while.

In a response to a comment on the announcement, Charlotte Phoenix’s co-owner and founder clarified that “...there was no ill will from either party. Just unfortunate circumstances.”

All of Charlotte Phoenix’s roster are now free agents. It is unknown whether they will be recruiting a new roster or if this is the end of Charlotte Phoenix’s VALORANT journey.


2020-08-01 11:33
I would think they would try to qualify for the Faze Ignition series tournament but I guess not, don't know why they are complaining about qualifiers if they didn't even try to qualify for the next tournament
2020-08-01 12:32
I mean they weren't invited to PAX or this one, and teams that were unknown or they placed better against were invited.
2020-08-01 13:40
They did try to qualify today under the name "My Lovely Team" and placed in the top 4. I think they're signed up for tomorrow's qualifier too, so we might see them play in the Faze tournament.
2020-08-01 20:18
damn so the org did them dirty
2020-08-01 22:25
Already? That's quite surprising. As a CS veteran I must admit that I feel bad for anger. He was long known even before Mystic and Charlotte Phoenix!
2020-08-01 15:10
Very sad :/ such a quick drop
2020-08-01 20:44

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