Cheaters upset as Riot Games refuse to reverse bans

by Germanicus 2020-06-07

Despite the presence of a complex anti-cheat software, Vanguard, packaged with VALORANT, cheaters have still found their way in. Upon launch, however, some more vocal ones were upset upon realizing that the bans they had accrued for themselves during the beta wouldn’t be reversed.

Cheater bans were big news during the beta. Riot hardware and IP banned many, so that they wouldn’t be able to simply create a new account to avoid their ban. In fact, 7786 cheaters were caught trying to create a new account by these hardware bans. However, Riot anti-cheat developer K3o said on his twitter before the end of the closed beta that most players’ bans would be reversed come launch.

Now that this hasn’t happened, many cheaters are upset that they won’t get a chance to redeem themselves. Screenshots of discords and forums have shown them upset at their indefinite bans, in some ways understandably so. Many cheaters are young and don’t know better, and are now unable to better themselves. And they WERE told that most would be lifted. At the same time, though, cheating is a cardinal sin in video games, and no one wants cheaters in the game.

What do you think? Should Riot have reversed most bans like they said they would? Or should there really be no recourse for cheaters? Let us know!


ban them all and never let them in again 😤
NANA 2020-06-07 16:39
why are they upset it's a free game
AstrZt 2020-06-07 16:48
LUL ''I want a seccond chance''
Jeffrey 2020-06-07 16:56
serves you right; gtfo
bombastikkkk 2020-06-07 18:03
m1nac 2020-06-08 00:56
Can't do the time don't do the crime.
quikrymercury 2020-06-08 05:54
you literally try to ruin the experience of others trying to play the game legit and you bitch about it. I've never in my whole life heard something incredibly stupid.
fraus 2020-06-09 03:21
what? why would you remove their bans? cheater once - cheater forever, you should trink twice be4 youll cheat and if youll do - you should be prepared for the consequence. That's really dumb decision over here to let cheaters play the game again.
v0idh 2020-06-09 10:15
want to cheat? go to csgo, whole MM there is flooded with cheaters.
v0idh 2020-06-09 10:17
Love how good RIOT is dealing with cheaters ❤💙
DtK 2020-06-12 23:48

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