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Complexity bring in Pr0phie to replace JonahP

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After the transfer of Jonah "JonahP" Pulice to Immortals, Complexity had been looking for a new fifth member to compete moving forward. After many trials and tribulations, the roster seems to have finally found the missing piece. Former Spacestation Gaming member Magno  "Pr0phie" Ramos will be the final player.

Just as the tweet states, this moves comes as a shock to nobody. As the team took home first place in the NSG NSG Summer Champs- May Qualifier, where they took down Rise in a clean 2-0 sweep. In that event, Pr0phie showcased his top tier ability to frag, as he finished first among the team in kills with 38, on the Sage and Sova agents. He would also finish first on the team in both rating and ACS, amassing numbers of 1.13 and 233 respectively.

For his career, Pr0phie has almost always played the Sova agent for his teams, coming to a total of 120 picks across all official Riot matches. As for experience, he did not come from Counter-Strike, where the majority of players in VALORANT come from. However he came from PUBG, where he won the 2018 PUBG Fall Invitational under the Cloud 9 banner.

With the addition of this fifth member, Complexity will finally look to reach the potential they showed late in 2020, when they showed the ability to compete with the top teams in Valorant. The first event for North America during VCT Stage 3 will commence on July 1st, so that will be the first opportunity to watch the new and improved Complexity roster.

With this move, Complexity is now:

Riley "ohai" Nguyen Mike "agm" Abood Jacob "valyn" Batio Joel "JCruel" Cruel Magno "Pr0phie" Ramos


Great pickup for Complexity! I felt that his performance during his trial with them deserveed some consideration for a pick up.
2021-06-19 09:07
2021-06-19 10:17
this man always flanks as sova lol
2021-06-19 17:08

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