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Complexity to depart from competitive Valorant

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With Riot’s decision to introduce franchising to Valorant, organizations were asked to submit Partnership applications. After several weeks of submitting these requests, Riot has started to slowly notify organizations of their respective outcomes. Teams facing rejection from the program have consequently announced their departure from the scene considering the unpredictability of the tier 2 in the upcoming future. and just hours following DarkZero Esports’s announcement, Complexity, a major Valorant organization has taken it to Twitter to release an official statement regarding their plans moving forward.

Complexity was amongst the first few organizations to acknowledge the potential Valorant possessed in the esports industry and gather a roster of talented individuals in the scene. Unfortunately, success kept eluding them and one tournament after another, their placements did not improve. When VCT was announced and more teams joined the scene, their competitors increased and they failed to qualify for any Main Event throughout the entirety of the season forcing the roster to compete in local NSG and Pittsburgh Knight tournament.

To combat their situation proceeding into the second VCT season, they restructured their roster around Mike "agm" Abood and Joel "jcrueL" Cruel. However, the improvement they experienced was barely noticeable as they couldn’t manage a better finish then 13th-16th in VCT qualifiers during both Stages of the current VCT season.

In the Twitter announcement, they especially highlighted the status of Complexity GX3, which represents the organization in Game Changers tournament, mentioning that they will continue to exert their efforts on that front in order to continue breaking down barriers and elevating the underserved women’s gaming community.

With Complexity’s departure, the following players are now Free Agents: Mike "agm" Abood Robert "truo" Pham Joel "jcrueL" Cruel Peter "Governor" No

ruin (Head Coach)

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