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Critical leaves Mamba Mode Gaming to join Built By Gamers

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Tristan "Critical" Trinacty officially joined the Built By Gamers roster after leaving his former team, Mamba Mode Gaming. The Canadian sealed his move to the new roster on November 11th, 2020, after spending almost four months with Mamba Mode Gaming, since July 19th, 2020.

During his tenure with his former team, he managed to win the PULSE Series and the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet - Closed Qualifier, followed by a 13th-16th finish in the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series itself. Critical’s accomplishments also include a 2nd place finish in the 30Bomb: Invitational Series #2, 9th-12th in the 30Bomb: Summer Cup - 2020, and 3rd in the Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly October. The latter is the final tournament Critical represented Mamba Mode Gaming in.

“With the final addition of critical, our team really is going to be making strides to become one of the top teams in North America. It’s going to be tough since we still need to grab a head coach to help our guys out, but we have no doubt that the raw skill and attitudes these guys bring each day is top tier. I’m really excited for our future and I’m excited to live up to our potential!,” Joe “SpringLane” Kaus, General Manager of Built By Gamers told THESPIKE.GG.

He played with Built By Gamers’ roster during the First Strike North America - NSG Tournament - Open Qualifier and First Strike North America - NSG Tournament - Closed Qualifier, where they finished 9th-16th and 13th-16th respectively. They were knocked out after consecutive losses to TSM and The Slimy Boogermen. They are currently competing in the First Strike North America UMG Open Qualifier #1, trying to qualify for the VALORANT First Strike European Regional Finals.

Since the start of his career, Critical managed to average a 207 ACS, with a 0.73 KPR and 1.01 KD. In addition to that, he dealt 136.6 ADR across 1261 rounds played as of the time of writing. Let us know your thoughts on the transfer in the comments below!

The current Mamba Mode Gaming roster consists of:

Rob “rob-wiz” Kennedy Mike “pho” Panza Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund Tristan "Critical" Trinacty William "Will" Cheng

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