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DarkZero announce departure from Valorant scene

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Several teams in the North America have started announcing their departure from the competitive Valorant scene following the decision made by Riot to deny their request to participate in the future franchise leagues.

Furthermore, the prevalent uncertainties of the tier 2 scene, which Riot is yet to provide concrete details about, has made matters worse resulting in more teams joining this unfortunate trend including DarkZero Esports, who released the following announcement through their Twitter handle earlier today.

DarkZero Esports joined the scene in the latter half of 2021, leaving them less time to acclimate themselves to the developing scene and restricted their opportunity to participate in a lot of VCT tournaments. Nonetheless, they continued to persevere through countless Nerd Street Gamer events.

Despite honing their gameplay and signing a couple of new players for the new VCT season, they couldn’t find a way out of the qualifiers in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 sealing their opportunity to partake in any VCT event of the ongoing season. Regardless of the result, the roster remained intact and managed to secure a title at Knights Gauntlet Circuit 2022 - Championship hoping to continue their regional endeavors.

After DarkZero’s departure, the following will enter free agency:

Kyle "ScrewFace" Jensen Adam "Ange" Milian Taylor "drone" Johnson Justin "Trick" Sears Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro

Neil "neilzinho" Finlay (Head Coach)

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