DrLupo interviews the VALORANT developers

written by RkT April 6, 2020 at 1:37pm
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Product Manager, Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon, and Design Director, Joe “Ziggs” Ziegler had an interview with the famous internet personality, Dr Lupo, on April 4th, 2020.

A little recap on the topics they talked about:

  • There is no estimated time for the beta to last until the launch of the game.
  • Access on the 7th will be more than double the amount from 3rd the only way to get the beta is from twitch drops.

About monetization

  • They're going to do it with Skins, cosmetics.
  • No loot boxes.
  • There will be a battlepass.
  • Agent skins: not now, They are worried about messing up the game
  • Probably will be seasonal events.


  • Not in the first weeks of the beta.
  • Queue up as a group of five, there is only one queue list but the algorithm tries to avoid solo queue vs stack of five.
  • Rating system is similar to League
  • Ranked and unranked have skill based matchmaking

Map Count: four maps at release

  • Focus is on high quality map
  • Maps can have changes if needed.


  • 10 agents in the beta.
  • Some will be released later.

Technical and client data

  • No aim assist at all, they are focused on PC.
  • The game will smooth out people who lag. People shouldnt see anyone lag.
  • Anti cheat - Fog-of-War: Your client doesn't know where the enemies are till you need that information.
  • If any cheats are detected the match/game is not added to your stats/score. It will not count. The match will end.
  • Field of view: locked at 103, focus for competitive balance.
  • Screen resolution: Supporting 16:9 and 16:10 also 4:3 but stretched.
  • Will be spectator vision at release.
  • Replay system, working on it, but will not be available at release.
  • No plans for creative mode / customs maps.
  • Colorblind mode will be available.
  • They are exploring how to help hearing disabled people. Not sure but still looking into it.
  • They are looking to do a streamer mode, but no ETA yet. Before Launch most likely.
  • Not left hand mode, but they are looking into it. They don't know if it will land before launch.
  • Weapon Bobbing, They don't have any plans to disable it. But they can look at it.
  • Mouse sens Vertical / horizontal: Right now there is only 1 sensitivity to control both. It's not separated.
  • Public accessible API: Yes, there is going to be. Not known when. Not for closed beta.
  • Very hard to get LAN support.
  • No mouse acceleration in game.
  • Private and custom match support available.
  • Reconnection option will be available.

Teammates quitting

  • They are testing.
  • If they find out they are AFK/Disconnected.They are looking into leaver penalties.
  • They don't know yet, but they are looking for feedback on how to address this.

Riots plans for update

  • Hotfixes: Emergency patches and they really need to tackle fast.
  • Blance: there will be patches with more spaced out time periods.
  • They will be doing them frequently enough to respond to players.
  • Content updates will be difficult but they want to balance it and not overwhelm players with so much new content. They can't say how long.
  • They will probably be around that 2 week cadence just like League of Legends.
  • They aren't sure if that model will work for VALORANT.

Not much info about esports

  • Community tournament guidelines will come first.
  • They want to learn more from the players before building an esports Infrastructure.

Want to see the full interview? Watch it here on DrLupo's channel.


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