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DRX Vision Strikers move Lakia to inactive roster

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Vision Strikers, now called DRX VS, has recently announced that Kim "Lakia" Jong-min will be placed on the team’s inactive roster and allowed to search for new opportunities while remaining under contract.

Lakia initially joined Vision Strikers when the team was founded in June 2020; however, his stay was extremely brief and lasted less than a month moving to NUTURN for which he played with until VCT 2021 - Stage 2 - Masters Reykjavík, which marked the conclusion of VCT Stage 2. He then returned to Vision Strikers and helped the team throughout Stage 3 and managed to qualify for VCT 2021 - Stage 3 - Masters Berlin - Playoffs and VCT 2021 - VALORANT Champions 2021 in rapid succession. At the time of his return to VS, he had a rating of 1.17 with an overall ACS of 227 and 1.24 K/D — staggering numbers for a non-Duelist role.

Lakia at Masters Reykjavik. © Riot Games
Lakia at Masters Reykjavik. © Riot Games

Vision Strikers has had a relatively successful year in terms of tournament results with 1st place finishes in all regional tournaments they participated in except VCT 2021 - Stage 2 - Korea - Challengers, which became the unfortunate cause behind their absence from VCT 2021 - Stage 2 - Masters Reykjavík, the only major event they couldn’t qualify for. Given the consistency of their performances, the changes that the roster encountered were far and few between. In the ongoing off-season period, most teams in the Valorant scene introduced changes to their roster hoping for better results in the upcoming VCT, but Vision Strikers utilized a less aggressive approach by only loaning Lee  "k1Ng" Seung-won to ESportsConnected and declaring Laika’s status as ‘inactive’ today.

Ever since his induction to the Vision Strikers' roster, his role in the team has been limited to that of a substitute playing Skye for the team on Bind and occasionally Sova on Icebox. Due to this reason, it could be said that Vision Strikers wasn’t making use of Lakia’s full potential, and the chances he was given presented a limited opportunity for him to demonstrate the extent of his abilities.

With this announcement from Vision Strikers, the team’s roster is as follows: Kim  "stax" Gu-taek Kim  "Zest" Gi-seok Goo  "Rb" Sang-Min Myeongkwan "MaKo" Kim Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul

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