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ec1s removed from Team Liquid's active roster

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Team Liquid have announced that Adam "ec1s" Eccles will be moved to an inactive status with the team.

ec1s has played a number of supportive roles, including Omen and Breach, for the team since they began as a core in VALORANT’s beta. He also served as the team’s In-Game Leader, if not for all of Fish123/Team Liquid’s time in VALORANT then certainly for some. Throughout all his time with the team, he helped them to 2nd place in the WePlay! VALORANT Invitational, third place in Allied Esports Odyssey, an appearance in the First Strike Europe Regional Final, and most recently, a 2nd place finish in the Red Bull Home Ground Main Event. However, with the team’s results slipping lately, as they only made top 8 in Challengers 1 and failed to reach even the play-ins for Challengers 2, changes were inevitable. ec1s has posted stats of 184 ACS and 0.94 KD throughout his recorded VALORANT games.

While Team Liquid have not announced a replacement, a recent report by George Geddes for Daily Esports suggests that former CS:GO pro Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is under consideration for the spot. Throughout his CS time, Jamppi was known as a highly skilled player that was hampered by a VAC Ban, keeping him off some of the top teams.

Team Liquid are now:

James “Kryptix” Affleck Travis “L1NK” Mendoza Dom “soulcas” Sulcas Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

Adam “ec1s” Eccles (Benched)

Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield (Coach)


Team Heretics Uri
aint going to lie, this was sadly expected Liquid is not performing to the level they should
2021-02-24 14:02
+1, not saying he's the one to blame, but there were more than a couple of bad decisions and plays in last Challenger
2021-02-24 14:25
bye ECL1S you had your shot to prove yourselkf but Liquid strat book was extremely disappointing and relied way too much on Scream, now get xms from FINEST since hes already experienced with playing with ScreaM and has experience at a tier 1 level, gl Liquid
2021-02-24 15:10
jampii (ex-ENCE) is rumoured to replace him
2021-02-24 15:14
this probably means L1nk or soulcas are in jeopardy too considering Jammpi was regarding as a very talented AWPer and not an IGL like ECL1s. will be interesting to see what happens but imma be real, the british ex-Fish123 core will probably all be gone if the results dont come, except maybe kryptix none of them are showing to be really tier 1

2021-02-24 15:54
omg blame one person for totalt of 5people sound like a dream work
2021-02-24 15:20
this article do not blame ec1s does it?
2021-02-24 16:25
I think he is talking about TL benching him, we don't know the exact reason tho
2021-02-25 08:57
2021-02-24 18:03
Sad times. I hope the change is worth it. i thought they might hold on to ec1s and brought in a sniper. but, we will see where this takes Liquid in CH3.
GGs ec1s. hope you find a new home.
2021-02-24 21:20
Not a big surprise, but its still sad to read 😓
2021-03-03 09:38

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