Ellie departs XSET Purple

written by beratozkan September 18, 2022 at 7:27am
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The North American organization XSET has announced the departure of Elena "Ellie" Garland from the starting lineup. Having shown off a shaky performance in the VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 2 - Open Qualifier, Elena "Ellie" Garland parted ways with the team ahead of the upcoming season. XSET Purple is now gearing up to fill the void left by the beloved player.

It is worth stating that there is no word on why Elena "Ellie" Garland left the Valorant roster. However, having failed to qualify for the VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 2 - Main Event, it looks like XSET decided to trail new players to rebuild the starting roster. Ellie has been inactive for a time, so it's unclear what her departure will bring to the team in the months ahead.

XSET Female recently participated in the VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 2 - Open Qualifier, where they were knocked out of the tournament by the hands of Dart Monkeys in the lower bracket. The organization wants to make a fresh start to the next Game Changers, while Ellie finds an opportunity to consider other offers to keep her career alive.

Ellie's departure leaves the roster with only four active players:

DenmarkCecilie "Cille" LauritsenDenmarkNicole "Noia" TierceUnited StatesCarolyn "artStar" NoquezUnited StatesKatherine "starriebun" So


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