Evil Genius sign Dignitas Female roster

written by AashirAhmed August 5, 2022 at 12:0am
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After encountering some success in recent Challenger events and observing the rapidly growing female Valorant scene, Evil Geniuses has decided to further their roots in the competitive scene by signing Dignitas’ female roster.

Dignitas was one of the first organizations to field a female Valorant team since its core was essentially their CS:GO roster. Instead of focusing their efforts on one game, they decided to enlist in regional Valorant events and paved the way for more women to participate in the professional scene. The roster was considered one of the most successful CS:GO female teams and the organization felt that Valorant was a sweet spot between a high-skill esports title and a game that appealed to a broader gaming audience allowing them to better connect with their fanbase.

A year of witnessing the surreal increase in competition and participating in Riot held Game Changers events, Dignitas officially transitioned to making Valorant their priority and stepped back from competing in Valorant events. Following this move, their participation in regional events increased, both female-only and open tournaments.

Given the professional experience possessed by most members of the roster, they managed to consistently place in top 4 of Game Changer events. Despite a couple of changes, they were able to uphold their status on the leaderboard in the first half of 2022 placing 3rd in VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 1 - Main Event and 4th in VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 2 - Main Event. They also placed 2nd in Astral Clash 2022 - Last Chance Qualifier granting them a spot at the Main Event. However, today’s announcement will result in the roster participating at the event under a different banner.

Evil Genius Game Changer is as follows:

United StatesEmmalee "EMUHLEET" GarridoCanadaAmanda "rain" SmithUnited StatesMelisa "Theia" MundorffBrazilJuliana "showliana" MaransaldiUnited StatesStefanie "Stefanie" JonesFranceDavid "XP3" Garrido *(Head Coach)*


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