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FaZe Clan's Corey believes they have "the most unique style of play"

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There is no denying that FaZe Clan have been on the rise, managing to snatch 2nd place in the JBL Quantum Cup and qualifying to the Challengers 2 after falling only to 100 Thieves in the finals of the Challengers 2 - Open Qualifier. One member of the team stole the spotlight a few times with his impressive performances, and it is none other than Corey "corey" Nigra.

The American was featured in a recent interview with Dexerto where he opened up on his switch to VALORANT from Overwatch and how it feels to play against Jay "sinatraa" Won in both games. One of the more interesting questions focused on how Corey rates his own team’s style of play, and he described it as “the most unique style of play.” It is evident they have an identifiable pattern of play whenever you watch FaZe Clan, but so far, it hasn’t proved successful in all scenarios.

“We have the most unique style of play for a team because of how aggressive we play and the way we use our abilities to take certain fights and space away. It’s something a lot of teams say when they play us ⁠— we don’t let a lot of teams get into their comfort zone.”

“On top of that, I actually think we’re a very impatient team, and that comes from Overwatch when you’re just running around doing stuff, so it’s really hard for us to sit still and wait,” said Corey.

FaZe Clan suffered a number of upsetting defeats at the start of their VALORANT journey, which eventually led to people putting them in the underdog label when going up against the top teams in the region. However, Corey believes it is no longer the case, based on the team’s recent performances and tournament runs.

“We definitely weren’t satisfied with how we were playing, especially recently. We’re not at where we are happy with everything we have so far. We’re still adding a lot of stuff to our play. We were pleased that we are able to still find our way through the bracket and still beat teams even if we are underperforming.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call us an underdog . When we started we definitely were just because of our tournament placings and how we were playing. Nowadays, you can’t really consider us an underdog,” stated Corey.

What do you think of FaZe Clan so far in 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


babybay is an ape
2021-02-24 17:02
curry | el_nummer_2004
Aren't you supposed to share that Curry have joined T1 (Not Corey, but curry)
2021-02-24 17:10
no offfence, but is he joking? so they have the most unique style of play who ******* cares. their results are awful considering the expactations of this roster. they need a roster change asap, from what i've seen, Rawkus is the man to go.
2021-02-24 17:23
paTiTek | tamas1n
better faze up before speaking like that dude

2021-02-25 01:16
still trash
2021-03-03 18:10

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