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FENNEL part ways with VALORANT roster

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FENNEL decided to release their entire roster due to lack of success as they failed to get past both open qualifiers in the second stage.

The Japanese team formed a roster that looked very competitive on paper before VCT 2022 - Japan - Stage 2 - Challengers Week 2 - Open Qualifier. Things didn't go as planned and they got swept by Crest Gaming Zst in the Challengers Week 1 Open Qualifier Semi Finals. In their second chance, FENNEL reached the final stage in their group but this time got swept by DetonatioN Gaming after a great competition, 14-12 on Ascent and 13-8 on Haven. It was the end of the road for the newly-formed roster.

During the run, Kim "JinboongE" Jin Won held a 1.22 rating and led his team on the field. He played Raze nine times and KAY/O two times. The South Korean player also held a 258.27 ACS to help his team on the battlefield. Tonbo followed his steps with a 1.16 rating and interestingly, he picked six different agents. With Chamber in his hands, Tonbo held a 1.57 rating and 2.0 K/D. It looks like the coaching staff will remain with the organization.

FENNEL’s VCT 2022 - Japan - Stage 2 - Challengers Week 2 - Open Qualifier roster was:

Hikaru "clz" Mizutani Tonbo Jeong  "Jinx" Hong-kyo Jeong "TENSAI" Seung-jin Kaminari Kim "JinboongE" Jin Won Ivan "Johnta" Shevtsov (Head Coach) Relife (Coach) meltdown (Analyst)

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