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FURIA reveal star-studded roster as VALORANT entrance

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FURIA are one of the largest and most popular organizations in Brazil, fielding top-flight rosters in both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Over the last few days, FURIA have been revealing their VALORANT roster, and they’re pulling no punches in the new tactical shooter on the block either.

First to be announced was former B4 eSports duelist Alexandre "xand" Zizi. A longtime Counter-Strike player, previously representing INTZ, xand has built a reputation for himself as one of Brazil’s best when it comes to VALORANT. He helped B4 make it to the quarterfinals in First Strike, only losing to eventual champions Gamelanders.

Next up was another duelist, Gabriel "qck" Lima, formerly of Team oNe and Falkol Esports. qck helped his old teams to solid performances, taking second in the Gamers Club Ultimate and the OnFire Cup, as well as third in the Esportsmaker Spike Series. However, qck and Falklol didn’t qualify for First Strike, losing to NMDM, who would become INGAMING Esports.

Former Imperial Esports sentinel Sergio "teddy" Oliveira was next up. Teddy and the rest of Imperial became known for their innovative sentinel usage, running both Cypher and Killjoy on Split, and FURIA will be hoping he can bring some of that spirit to their team.

Fourth was Khalil  "Khalil" Schmidt. Formerly of DETONA Gaming and Falkol Esports, the 16-year-old has been a rising name in the Brazilian scene. Primarily playing sentinels, though also having some time on Omen, Khalil’s First Strike was no different than qck’s as they played on the same team. His youth and trajectory should leave FURIA set for both the present and the future.

Last but not least was Agustin  "nzr" Ibarra. Formerly the Sova player for Estral Esports, the LATAM South First Strike champions, nzr has been linked with a Brazilian move for some time, and with good reason. His 269 ACS and 1.81 KD make him one of the best statistical players in the region - in fact, that KD number is the highest of anyone in the world. nzr bings yet more star power to the already stacked FURIA squad.

FURIA's star-studded VALORANT cast will be aiming to take down Gamelanders and prove themselves as the best squad in Brazil. With two Jett players and two sentinels, roles will be interesting to see play out. But if those can be overcome without a hitch, FURIA are looking very strong indeed.

FURIA are:

Alexander "xand" Zizi Gabriel "qck" Lima Sergio "teddy" Oliveira Khalil "Khalil" Schmidt Agustin "nzr" Ibarra

Carlos "Carlão" Mohn (Coach)


2021-01-25 16:48

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