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Furious Gaming announce VALORANT roster

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With the Ignition Series coming to Latin America, organizations are closing deals with the strongest players in the region. Furious Gaming is no exception, as they announced recently their VALORANT roster.

Furious Gaming is a multi-gaming organization founded in Argentina in 2012 mostly known for its presence in the League of Legends scene, but also active in other games such as CC:GO, Free Fire, and Rainbow Six: Siege among others. They are one of the engines of the region, always betting on the talents of new players and old favorites.

The team captain is Alvaro “WKN” Bustos, and along with Alejandro “raizen” Mezcua, Juan Pablo “NagZet” Lopez, Diego “D1E” Contreras and Felipe “feLiZnOJke” Almendra, they are forming the Furious Gaming lineup, with the addition of Federico “Svenskk” Gerth who is the coach. All of the players have experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and knew each other previously and decided to try joining forces to form a team on April 29th, 2020. From that day on, they shaped the squad that joined Furious Gaming.

Nahuel “Nahu” Cobas, Furious Gaming's Manager, commented for THESPIKE.GG on how they decided to join VALORANT: “We analyzed the scene and I know most of the players that are part of our squad today, since I have previously worked with them in other teams. That previous knowledge gave me enough confidence to bet on a roster that you will be talking about and is in constant growth every day.”

Tactical shooters are very popular in Latin America. With years of Counter-Strike in the region and with teams that managed to reach international renown, it gives the region a firm base to enter the universe of VALORANT. There are still many good free agents, and as the sports ecosystem in VALORANT consolidates, we will have more news from organizations in this region.

Current Furious Gaming roster consists of:

Alvaro “wkn” Bustos Alejandro “raizen” Mezcua Juan Pablo “NagZet” Lopez Diego “D1E” Contreras Felipe “feLiZnOJke” Almendra

Federico “Svenskk” Gerth (Coach)


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