FUT Esports lock in roster for VCT 2023

written by ArmandVanHelden November 16, 2022 at 5:40pm
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One of the two Turkish representatives of VCT 2023 EMEA League, FUT Esports have announced their roster for the upcoming season. The organization decided to keep its VRL-Finals winning players and add TBG’s AtaKaptan to complete the 6-man roster. Their first serious test is in a month, the Red Bull Home Ground tournament.

FUT Esports had done an incredible job last season. The Turkish first won the regional challenge to compete against other EMEA winners at VRL Finals. It is a known fact that Turkish players’ aim is pretty good but when it comes to strategies and in-game knowledge, most of them fall behind against other competitors. This time, FUT broke the leg of the devil and won the VRL Finals Trophy. The organization also secured a partnership spot at VRL 2023 EMEA League alongside BBL Esports. AtaKaptan joined the team a while ago and now the organization has finalized its roster for VCT 2023.

Last year, FUT competed with qw1, MOJJ, qRaxs, Muj, MrFalin, and GAIS as the head coach. This year, the core will be kept within the organization and AtaKaptan will fill the missing spot to get the roster ready for competition. Last year, qw1 led the team with a 1.12 rating, holding a 1.19 throughout his career. AtaKaptan on the other hand was indisputably the best player on Thunderbolts Gaming roster with a 1.16 rating playing smoker agents.

Apart from FUT’s players, GAIS will remain within the team. It was rumored that more coaches were going to join the team to help GAIS during the upcoming season but none were announced today.

FUT’s VCT 2023 roster is:

TurkeyBuğra "MOJJ" KirazTurkeyDoğukan "qRaxs" BalabanTurkeyKonuralp "qw1" ŞahinTurkeySerhat "Muj" YükselTurkeyAta "AtaKaptan" TanTurkeyFurkan "MrFaliN" YegenTurkeyEray "Gais" Sarikaya (Head Coach) TurkeyBerke "Mol" Mol (Manager) TurkeyIván "Inthra" Argüello (Analyst)


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