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Gen.G Esports bench gMd

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Gen.G Esports have benched long standing player Anthony "gMd" Guimond from their active roster, the organization announced today.

gMd had been a part of the organization since it entered professional VALORANT back in 2020. Since then, he has helped the team to a third place finish at VCT 2021 - Stage 1 - North America Masters, 5th-6th places at VCT 2021 NA Stage 3 Challengers 1 and 2, and a fourth place at VCT 2021 NA Stage 1 Challengers 3, amongst other achievements. He played his last event in a Gen.G jersey at Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet 2022 - March, where the team finished 17th-32nd following a loss to Ghost Gaming.

The Canadian has played a variety of roles during his tenure, most frequently as a controller with Omen and Astra but has also flexed with Raze and Breach. Despite his versatility, he maintained a solid level of individual play with a 1.08 rating and 212 ACS overall.

Gen.G Esports now have two new players to find before the Stage 2 qualifiers begin post-Masters Reykjavik. So far they have played with William "Will" Cheng and Brady "thief" Dever on trial but it is yet to be seen if they are signed on a permanent basis.

Gen.G Esports are:

Shawn "Shawn" O'Riley Nicholas "NaturE" Garrison Emir "rhyme" Muminovic

Anthony "gMd" Guimond (benched)

Andrew "Blank" Leverette (Manager) Chris "Elmapuddy" Tebbit (Coach)


Asuna | MythicalForger
They can take jcstani now ig, he'd be pretty good
2022-04-01 12:34
jcstaninwas trialing for EG instead of pho
2022-04-01 13:39
Asuna | MythicalForger
Ohh, that'd actually be very good for EG!
2022-04-01 14:22
gmd shawn nature rhyme is a lot of talent sad they couldnt win anything with them
2022-04-01 15:58

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