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Ghost Gaming add koalanoob

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After many trials, it appears that Ghost Gaming has finally found their newest member to their VALORANT roster. They will be bringing in GianFranco "koalanoob" Potestio, formerly of On The Way.

The possibility of koalanoob joining Ghost Gaming has been the subject of discussion for a number of weeks, as there has been reports that he was trialing with the North American organization in recent scrims. Koala has been known in the Valorant scene as the ultimate grinder, as he has trialed for a number of teams, including filling in for Free Agent roster rice and meatballs during VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1, where the players come together to finish top 16, including an impressive win over more established roster in T1.

If there ever were to be "jett op" in the dictionary, a picture of koalanoob would be accompanying it. Across almost 4100 rounds, he has an ACS of 246 and a rating of 1.22. Despite primarily being the main Jett oper for his previous teams, he has dabbled in the occasional Killjoy and Viper in the past month, most likely trying to expand his agent pool.

With this signing, Ghost Gaming is clearly making an effort to compete at the highest level of Valorant. We will next see Koalanoob and the rest of Ghost squad playing in the upcoming VCT Stage 3 Open Qualifiers.

After this addition, Ghost Gaming is now:

Dajon "chase" Lopez Marc-Andre "NiSMO" Tayar GianFranco "koalanoob" Potestio Will "dazzLe" Loafman Ryan "ryann" Welsh

Adam "kaplan" Kaplan (coach)


2021-06-23 20:02
Interesting. No doubt he's a good Jett.
2021-06-23 20:51
that's an improvement for sure, i wonder how far they can go in the next tourneys.
2021-06-24 04:03

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