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Gillette Infinity Esports announce their VALORANT squad

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An organization from Costa Rica is joining the universe of VALORANT. With almost ten years of experience and with squads in several games, Gillette Infinity Esports has decided to join the scene of Riot Games’ tactical shooter.

Their team consists of Juanes “sickLy” Valencia as captain, followed by Javier “RAINMAKER” Cruzm, Alejandro “Alejo” Rocha, Jesus "Taboada" jfoeN, and Nolan “nolan” Martinez. Except for Alejo, who played Fortnite before, the whole roster are former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. RAINMAKER and sickLy have experience playing together, as both of them played for VAULT during their CS:GO days before making their transition into VALORANT. They played several tournaments together, including the North American ESEA Season 29: Premier Division. Along with Alejo, they won the Ignition Series’ GGTech VALORANT Invitational Latin America North playing for Estral Esports.

“We were looking for a team that could be competitive on a sports level and at the same time understand the values that we as a club seek in the players that represent in other disciplines: willingness to work very hard, discipline, passion for their craft, and a desire to represent infinity and aim high,” Aldair Torres, the VALORANT Team Manager of Gillette Infinity Esports, explained to THESPIKE.GG.

They have already made it through the first phase of VALORANT Versus and are now waiting for their next playoff opponent.

Most of the important organizations in the region have already chosen their VALORANT team. The teams and organizations want to make history in Latin America, become the first champions of the region, and be the example to follow in VALORANT.

Gillette Infinity Esports consists of:

Juanes “sickLy” Valencia Javier “RAINMAKER” Cruzm Alejandro “Alejo” Rocha Jesus “Taboada” jfoeN Nolan “nolan” Martinez


it's awesome to see more LATAM teams!
2020-07-14 19:37

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