written by BeanAnalysis June 1, 2020 at 11:0am
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The Swedish organization, GRANIT GAMING, has announced that they would be competing in VALORANT esports with a brand new five-man roster. The organization was established in 2017, and has teams in CS:GO, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and more. Now they begin to venture into the realm of Riot once again as they have put their team together.

Kim “KMF” Engström, CEO of GRANIT GAMING explained to THESPIKE.GG that, “We had a lot of people applying for this, but after digging deeper into this, we felt like our ex Apex player Freshy was the man to go with and build up a team around. As we know he is really good at what he's doing and we have a lot of trust in him.”

The team comes from a variety of different games, namely Battalion 1944 and Apex Legends. We start off with Dario “FRESHY” Smiljanić and Paolo “bmb” Peloza who played together in Battalion 1944. FRESHY also played professionally in Apex Legends as well as Overwatch. Next, we have Nicholas “Hachikobtw” Bennett who played at the pro level of Apex Legends for the team Third Impact. Following, we have another Apex player, Patryk "QUERNI" Zagumny who was a free agent for most of his Apex Legends career. Finally, we have an oddball player who doesn’t have any formal experience in another game but impressed the team enough to land a spot on the team. Thomas “fir” van Dun, who is a relative unknown, takes the final spot on the roster. As stated before, fir has no professional background, but what this shows is that young players with no background are not being overlooked for people with said experience.

FRESHY wanted to give THESPIKE.GG his thoughts on what VALORANT esports will bring, “(My) Expectations for VALORANT esports are pretty big as it's Riot we are talking about and they have a good track record of knowing how to run esports games. Goals for the team are pretty simple: work hard, practice hard, perform well in tournaments. We are a completely new team and competition is only going to get harder, but we all have experience in playing at the top so VALORANT won't be any different.”

GRANIT GAMING has put together what seems like a mash-up of different backgrounds, but maybe that is what will give them an edge in competition. As VALORANT prepares to officially drop as a full game, we will also see more tournaments and leagues set themselves up to test GRANIT GAMING. With those tournaments, we will see if GRANIT is as rock-solid as they claim.

GRANIT GAMING line-up consists of:

Croatia (Hrvatska) Dario “FRESHY” Smiljanić Croatia (Hrvatska) Paolo “bmb” Peloza Denmark Nicholas “Hachikobtw” Bennett Poland Patryk “QUERNI” Zagumny Netherlands Thomas “fir” van Dun


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