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Groups drawn for VRL Finals

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Today, via Twitter, the two groups for the VRL - Finals were officially announced. Seven teams that were champions of regional leagues in their region will participate in this tournament.

The VRL Finals will begin this Thursday. It's safe to say that Group A on paper seems much stronger than Group B, as the former will see EXCEL (champion of the VRL - Northern Europe: Polaris - Stage 2 - Main Event), Team Vitality (champion of the VRL - France: Revolution - Stage 2 - Main Event), Case Esports (champion of the VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 2 - Main Event) and TENSTAR (champion of the VRL - Eastern Europe: Surge - Stage 2 - Main Event).

On the other hand, FUT Esports (champion of the VRL - Turkey: Birlik - Stage 2 - Main Event), Team Falcons (champion of the VRL - MENA Championship) and Angry Titans (champion of the VRL - DACH: Evolution - Stage 2 - Relegation) will compete in the second grouping. What each of these seven teams have in common is that they are champions. They also have the same goal - each of them also wants to become the champion of the VRL Finals, where a prize pool of €150,000 is at stake.

The first matches will take place this Thursday, where EXCEL will face Case Esports, followed by Team Vitality versus TENSTAR. You can find more information on the event page.

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