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Hazed moves on from TSM, joins NRG

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After having been a member of TSM FTX for over a year and a half, James "hazed" Cobb has left the team to join rival NRG Esports.

Hazed was part of the original "Mousespaz" roster that eventually were signed to the TSM brand. In the early days of Valorant, TSM had an Astralis-esque run during 2020. They consistently mowed down any team that stood in their way as they took home first place finishes in 8 total tournaments. However in 2021, the team failed to replicate the success they previously had which resulted in bringing in Aleko "LeviathanAG" Gabuniya & Sean "bang" Bezerra, who was subsequently dropped after the organization failed to qualify for LCQ.

As for NRG, this continues the merry-go-round of players the team has seen in recent months. Matthew "Wedid" Suchan was recently released from his contract a few weeks ago, leading to the Hazed acquisition. NRG has not played in a tournament since August, however they will compete with their new roster in Community Gaming VALORANT Elite Showdown - Main Event.

NRG will now field: Sam "s0m" Oh Daniel "eeiu" Vucenovic Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor Ian "tex" Botsch James "hazed" Cobb

TSM FTX now stands as: Matthew "wardell" Yu Yassine "subroza" Taoufik Aleko "LeviathanAG" Gabuniya


pretty expected tbh
2021-11-10 20:20
NRG is fucking stacked
2021-11-11 00:06
news Next week: TSM is moving on from TSM FTX.

bro what is happening with tsm
2021-11-11 08:42

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