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written by Germanicus July 4, 2020 at 1:15pm
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Hic Sunt Leones, better known as HSL Esports, are an Italian organization known for their presence in Overwatch. They have participated in European Contenders - the European tier 2 scene - for the last two years. In 2019 Season 2, they were the champions of the region, and represented Europe internationally at The Gauntlet in South Korea. They have announced they’ll be entering VALORANT with a roster made up of players from many different regional and video game backgrounds.

“Our focus from the beginning was to go for young and ambitious players with the right mindset and potential to grow to professionals in a good environment. We had quite some bumps in the road during the early tryout phases and were forced to replace a player due to an unfortunate accident. Another player also decided to step back from Valorant shortly after being signed, because he didn’t enjoy the game anymore. Overall, we’re pretty happy with our current roster and I think they have a lot of talent and heart to make some waves in the scene” said Joshua “Tscoschi” Meier, General Manager of HSL Esports, for THESPIKE.GG.

HSL’s VALORANT roster is made up of captain Charley “Matik” Thompson, Luca “LilYung” Lentini, Fletcher “Leare” Brigden-Knight, Jack “Fusify” Storey, and Randon “Phardon” Perez. Alessandro “Aleeh” Mazza will be serving as the team’s substitute or sixth player, while Marco “Coffeeman” Bettiol is the team’s head coach. LilYung and Aleeh both have backgrounds in Overwatch, playing tier 2 in Europe for another organization, Samsung Morning Stars. LilYung represented Italy in international competition at the 2019 Overwatch World Cup. Matik and Fusify are ex-CS:GO players for Northumbria University, while Leare and Phardon each have professional experience in Apex Legends. Leare played in several EU ALGS Online events, going as far as the semifinals, while Phardon played in the APEX.PRO Discord’s Apex Pro League for four seasons. He also is third place for the highest kills ever in a solo-queue game.

“My expectations for Valorant are that the developers listen to their scene like they’re doing right now. I think it’s super important for the success of the game to have a close relationship with the top player base. I hope they let the scene grow organically for a couple more months or even a year before they take action like a franchise system as they did with LOL. My current goal is that HSL Esports grows to a household name in the European scene. I think this is more than doable with the right work ethic, players and staff,” Tscoschi commented for THESPIKE.GG.

With such a diverse cast of players on the roster, it will be interesting to see whether HSL Esports can find similar success to their Overwatch exploits on the VALORANT stage.

HSL Esports’ roster is:

United Kingdom Charley “Matik” Thompson Italy Luca “LilYung” Lentini United Kingdom Fletcher “Leare” Bridgen-Knight United Kingdom Jack “Fusify” Storey Venezuela Randon “Phardon” Perez Italy Alessandro “Aleeh” Mazza (Substitute) Italy Marco “Coffeeman” Bettiol (Coach)


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