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Immortals part ways with NaturE

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Immortals have parted ways with Nicholas "NaturE" Garrison.

NaturE joined the team along with Rhett  "Kehmicals" Lynch earlier this year, and together the duo helped Immortals find immediate success. Taking up the IGL role, Immortals at some points during VCT Stage 1 looked like one of North America’s best teams. However, come Masters, they disappointed, falling out tied for last with losses to 100 Thieves and Luminosity Gaming.

At the beginning of Stage 2, however, Immortals announced that NaturE would be taking a personal leave. Daniel "Rossy" Abedrabbo joined and has been playing with the team ever since.

With that, NaturE has essentially disappeared off the competitive VALORANT radar. With Immortals now officially releasing the player, it seems they’re committing to Rossy for the long term. So far that move has been decent for the team, as they’ve continued their downward trajectory from the heights of Stage 1 but have still been competitive, making both Challengers events in Stage 2, though failing to make top 4 and qualify for Challengers Finals in either of them.

Immortals now field:

Noah “jcStani” Smith Amgalan “genghsta” Nemekhbayar Andrew “ShoT UP” Orlowski Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo

Michael “Packing10” Szklanny (Head Coach) Jordan “Gunba” Graham (Coach)


Eh I like IMT with nature than Rossy but it is what it is. Wait who is going to igl? Stani? I thought Stani did not want to be igl anymore lmao.
2021-04-28 10:34
I thought Rossy was IGL but I don't know as much about IMT as you do
2021-04-28 12:42
Well shit I'm a IMT fan and I have no fucking clue what is going on in the team lmao
2021-04-28 12:44
Hence I became a XSET fan
2021-04-28 12:44
correction was a IMT fan
2021-04-28 12:44
I can understand why, although atleast you weren't a T1 fan
2021-04-28 12:57
Rossy is IGL I think
2021-04-28 12:45
oh ok ty
2021-04-28 13:24
XSET best team
2021-04-28 13:30
2021-04-28 13:33
2021-04-28 12:50
floppy | floppy_fan_nr1
wtf stop destroying nature, global warming is getting worse and worse!
2021-04-28 11:27
2021-04-28 20:30
2021-04-29 18:35

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