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Jay "sinatraa" Won banned for 6 months

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Jay "Sinatraa" Won has been officially banned by Riot for 6 months starting from March 10th 2021 until September 10th 2021. He will be available to compete again for the Last Chance Qualifier and Champions Tour Finals.

After VALORANT Esports started their internal investigation alongside the Competitive Operations team, the latter team was informed that the situation was referred to the law enforcements. In light of this the internal investigation has stopped. During the course of the investigation though, Sinatraa was found in violation of Rule 8.01 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for failing to co-operate on the same investigation. According to Riot he has made false statements, not provided a full copy of the audio/video referenced in the original accusation as he publicly said he would and also misrepresented other facts.

Apart from serving the ban, Sinatraa will be required to complete professional conduct and professional conduct training before he returns to competitive VALORANT.

At this point in time there hasn't been any official statement from Sentinels or Sinatraa himself.

You can read the full statement from Riot here


It really sucks that he did this. Sinatraa was someone I had a lot of respect for and I'm not sure about the allegations and have no position to judge but not complying with the investigation when he said he would? Just bullshit. I hope SEN drops him for this and he was one of my favorite players in OWL and VALORANT. I guess some people are never like they seem on screen.
2021-05-17 15:28
TenZ | Iron1
I respect you for acknowleding that he was a shitty human, and not defending him, as many of his fans are.
2021-05-17 16:05
He is a shitty human, I'm just sad a player I loved is a shitty human.
2021-05-17 19:02
true. I watched his stream because of his unique playstyle rather than his personality
2021-05-20 09:44
2021-05-17 20:57
TenZ | nak0
I can't believe he would do something like this. Back in last year, he was my role model. I looked up to him, but it disgusts me seeing he would do something like this.
2021-05-18 10:49
fr tho
2021-05-18 13:10
who said he even did anything just shut your mouth till the case is over I belive there has to be more to the story than what we just know so stay calm and wait it out I still think sinnatra is a fine role model for now
2021-05-20 09:18
2021-05-19 07:38
Kehmicals | ambo69
What a complete disgrace to professional valorant. I hope he never returns.
2021-05-17 15:42
TenZ | Iron1
+1, what a complete disgrace to esports
2021-05-17 16:06
for what reason
2021-05-20 09:18
Kehmicals | ambo69
Well since you need a reminder; based on the evidence already provided and shown to the public, at the very least he was a very manipulative boyfriend in the past and thats excluding the audio of him r*ping cle0h if for whatever reason you dont think that its "valid" enough. On top of the original proof provided, he refused to show riot officials the video which he promised based on him deleting it despite cle0h claiming it is still in their text logs PLUS he was caught lying during the investigation multiple times. Just because riot does not have the jurisdiction to declare whether sinatraa is guilty does not mean any person with 2 brain cells can't look at all the evidence provided against him compared to the total evidence supporting sinatraa being nonexistent and make a pretty decent decision on what happened. And before you say sinatraa and cle0h have contradictory claims, so we should not believe what cle0h says because she wants to ruin his career or whatever brain dead argument you have next remember these 2 things:

1. Masters was not the biggest event sinatraa has been since their break-up it, hes played in the overwatch league finals ffs

2. The investigators have caught sinatraa lying about this case multiple times already, so his word is basically worthless
2021-05-20 11:38
L walk 🤣🤣
2021-05-17 15:56
he deserves this. if he's really innocent why wont he participate in the investigation lmao. drop him
2021-05-17 16:53
dudes walking guilty in my books now i passed no judgment to begin with but now this has come to light he dont deserve a spot in ANY esport team its disgraceful misleading and utter unprofessionalism on sins part i know im not a sen fan and its nothing personal towards sen them selves they deserve better #DROPSEN
2021-05-17 17:41
#DROPSIN (my bad)
2021-05-17 17:43
2021-05-17 18:39
nothing says not guilty like "I wont co-operate with an investigation.".
2021-05-17 18:42
it's okay to not have an opinion on things
2021-05-17 19:10
what a clown
2021-05-17 20:58
Now we wait for police report
2021-05-17 22:24
I'm with this mindset. I'm always super hesitant to pass judgment on cases like these until the police report comes out, especially on allegation cases. The timing on this one was perfect to ruin his career too, which made me suspicious that it could be/probably was false and intended to ruin his career (which it's done, regardless of the outcome).
But, Sinatraa not cooperating now is making it hard to try and say to keep waiting for it.
Of course, Innocent until proven guilty but the guy's gotta give something to work with to prove his innocence.
2021-05-18 10:45
LMFAOOOOOOO, I doubt he'll be back even after Sep assuming the report comes out
SEN gotta look for a new player, no way C9 release TenZ, especially after they got so close to qualifying for masters, unless a huge buyout which I am pretty sure Sen won't.
2021-05-18 00:35
I think it's more likely that SEN and C9 continue to work deals out to loan TenZ out to SEN so that C9 still profits off of the TenZ deal. TenZ wanted to be a content creator for C9 because the team around him couldn't compete alongside him. Sentinels can and he wants to stay there if he can, so if he can't, I doubt that C9 will get to use him for Tournament Play.
2021-05-18 22:53
TenZ became a content creator because he realized he had a shit team, but literally, Mitch is the only one in the team from the original roster. C9 are in a much better position as they almost qualified for Masters LAN.
C9 won't let TenZ go as they have a much better chance of winning the upcoming tournaments if TenZ was on the roster.Unless TenZ actually wants to leave, they wont let him go.
2021-05-19 23:22
SEN Tarik lol
2021-05-18 05:31
I Still Stand by Him, Y'all can Hate as much as you want, can abuse me as much as you want but I still stand with him. In his First Response He said He will everything but didn't mention the specific Video and now coz He doesn't have it He's a Rapist? He was a Rapist for you Delusional Fans before too and You have been looking to cancel him from long ago. Think whatever you want but remember that THE CONCLUSIVE PROOF that Cleoh had wasnt so Conclusive at all for Riot. That makes it clear that these are STILL just ALLEGATIONS and Nothing Else. Y'all Canceled Him then and there when She posted those but guess what Riot didn't find anything from that. I am dissappointed that he didnt behave properly with the Operators and all but Nothing else. He's still NOT WRONG int he Main Allegations. When we get the Official Police/Court Case Results, then We'll see whether it was Jay's fault or Cleoh was another one of those Girls like YourPrincess.
2021-05-18 08:34
I know you're a fan dude and that's great - but this ain't it bro. The non-cooperation is super sus already on top of what has been brought to light. Riot isn't going to ban someone for the fun of it especially not someone like Sinatraa - so when they say he is refusing to come forward with stuff they aren't being delusional. You gotta stand with the victim here dude. Imagine it's true and yet they are seeing all this online support for a person who obviously fucked them up. That would be demoralizing :/
2021-05-18 08:56
I feel blessed that someone has actually tried to reason with me and not start cancelling me too. Big Respect for you, I agree the Non-Cooperation is sus, I agree to that stuff already and Im dissapointed in him for that. But As riot stated They were not able to get any conclusive proofs so now this moves to Court and I dont want to think that He is wrong until he's proven otherwise. Iw ish Riot hasd ended thsi but now that it went to the Police well We'll have to wait and watch.
2021-05-18 13:59
Leo | omgmico
No one is gonna cancel you, you're a no-name and no one cares about you supporting a rapist lol, just hope your mother or if you have a sister to never experience something like this
2021-05-18 14:06
See this is what I was talking about, I welcome all of your Nonsense Keep sending it. Regards, Aryann. And just to let you know Sinatraa is 100% INNOCENT.
2021-05-18 17:28
But why has he been accused of something of this calibre? If it wasn't this bad, then maybe, he wasn't. But there has to be a reason why he was even ACCUSED of sexually attacking his girlfriend. This goes to show that he CANNOT be innocent.
2021-05-19 09:58
"Accused" - just some girl who said that he screwed her over with proof that wasn't at all conclusive meaning that all that she said was just bs.
2021-05-19 23:45
You have to understand. He was accused of something that is very immoral and unethical. Regardless if it actually happened or not, he was accused of something that is immoral and just ethically wrong. Maybe. Maybe he didn't do it. Let's say he didn't do it. So what? He still should be suspended. He was accused of something immoral. You need to understand that getting accused of something at this calibre. Juts calm down about it.
2021-05-20 09:31
You have to understand. He was accused of something that is very immoral and unethical. Regardless if it actually happened or not, he was accused of something that is immoral and just ethically wrong. Maybe. Maybe he didn't do it. Let's say he didn't do it. So what? He still should be suspended. He was accused of something immoral. You need to understand that getting accused of something at this calibre. Juts calm down about it.
2021-05-20 09:31
My Brother the word here is ACCUSSED, I can ACCUSE anyone of Anything, I could Accuse Pokimane to have Assaulted me or my Girl could accuse Wardell to have Raped her, Would the world and especially these people listen or even see our tweets? or Documents, I will come back here and Apologise and Say that He is wrong the Day that He gets Proven WRONG and until that day comes He's Clean and INNOCENT. People like CLeoh ca keep tweeting whatever they want.
2021-05-20 11:53
Even being accused is very bad. I can't stress that enough. If you got accused of something you didn't do, many people would not like you. Even your friends might see you as very bad. Just go eat a popsicle and you will feel better. Stop fighting for something you know deep in your heart is wrong
2021-05-20 17:31
Deep in my Heart I know that people are out here just judging others who are clearly innocent. I say that again if he gets proven, i'll come back here but he doesn't then what, y'all would still be trying to cancel him.
2021-05-21 04:20
Ok. Write me an essay proving that he's innocent. I will side with you if you can give 3 VALID points. Not the same.
2021-05-21 14:22
Before I go on a long rant, AryannSharrma, I totally respect what you think is right and what you think is true. I just feel like I need to point out a couple of things.

Firstly, if Sinatraa is innocent, he didn't provide the video that he promised he would to the authorities. This is already a really bad state for Sinatraa. Side note, why would he not give the video to the authorities. If he was innocent, he shouldn't be afraid of sharing it with the authorities. Right? But let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's say he is innocent. Again, he didn't provide the things that he promised to give the authorities. He was lying.

Let's recap. Sinatraa, at the moment, is a proven liar, and probably guilty because he didn't provide the video he promised. You might say that he was innocent, but if he was innocent, why didn't he provide the video. If he was innocent, he would have just given the video to them. He chose not to. IMO, that seems kinda sus. Why didn't he give it to them if he was innocent? If he was, he could have just handed it over

Again, I totally understand and respect what you are trying to say, it's just some of the things that Sinatraa has done are very bad. He is a liar and did not cooperate with the authorities.
2021-05-21 23:00
reading this argument legitamtely makes my eyes and brain hurt.

I'm just gonna lie down the facts here, and that is he was accused, and currently has proof of his innocence.

ArryanSharma, I can't tell if you are deliberately trying to be a troll. You know some of the things you are saying are absurd. While from a legal standpoint, yes he is "innocent until proven guilty," we are not a court, and it would be nice, considering the monumental amount of proof that he did sexual assault her, to have a little sympathy, as from an impartial standpoint, it looks like Jay would be guilty if the case was handled in court. Also, just a side note, you gotta fix your capitalization, because its hard to read your writing.

Barooni, your argument makes no sense. An accusation alone should not hurt him at all if he is innocent. If we believe anything someone tells us, then false accusations will imprison tons of innocent people, and you have taken the opposing sode significantly too far.

Try make reasonable arguments, acknowledging the opposing sides but taking things to the extreme that you have taken this quarrel to.
2021-05-20 20:33
should say no proof im on a phone
2021-05-21 03:41
well its basically where your empathies lies and im sorry mine lies with JAY "SINATRAA" WON and not Cleoh. There you have your answer, Dont read if your eyes hurt from the LIteral Truth. YOu dont need to be present on the internet. I have siad again and again, he does get proven wrong I'll come back here but until then HE IS ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT and DID NOTHING WRONG.
2021-05-21 04:24
so if hes so innocent then why did he fail to cooperate in riots investigation ? surely if hes "100% innocent" as u say he is then he would have done everything in his power to prove that to riot.
2021-05-21 17:13
bruh he even admitted in response that he was "negative" AT THE LEAST throughout the course of their relationship. There is no logical way you can say he did nothing wrong, as he confessed this himself. And no, I have no personal sympathies, I am not "rooting" for one side. I'm just stating the facts, and conveying to you that you are being completely unreasonable, just as I said to the other guy who was arguing against you he was unreasonable. If you cannot understand this, then please find a new place to rant your ignorance.
2021-05-21 19:05
very true words. thanks for the feedback lol. i will improve my case kekw
2021-05-21 14:23
I think you need step away of the computer, take a walk, and then come back. Lemme ask you a honest question, do you honestly think Sinatraa's innocent after intefering with the investigation? This is not your run of the mill NCIS case, this is one involving very sensitive topics. So please show some empathy and not sound like Dafran coming from Twitter
2021-05-18 09:41
i agree with yuya on this one and every one else whos sees it for what it is a guilty verdict with out the need of saying it, too much has gobe against him and at his owb actions too. not cooperating no video evidence as agreed on the dudes done in esports and ifnhes still around as a pro player thatll only damage the pro scene and image
2021-05-18 17:18
Bro that dafran line is a violation💀
2021-05-19 07:41
Innocent until proven guilty. Yeah, it's sus that he doesn't cooperate with investigators, but it's his right and he mustn't explain reasons.
2021-05-20 13:04
true I guess but what sucks is that the authorities don't have a good track record with these type of cases so it might be a cold case
2021-05-20 13:10
2-10% are proven guilty and 2-10% are proven innocent.

which means ~80-96% there is no solid verdict and it's he said/she said for months to years.

It's really REALLY unfortunate and makes it harder to believe accuisations sometimes. Wish there was a better way of proving it one way or the other in court.
2021-05-20 21:18
i agree with your comment BUT as you said when its as sus at that its vertually screaming a guilty verdict hey i could be wrong i could be eating my own words BUT if you look back at history theirs been reports and im sure evidence that would back up the toxic behavour in sinartraa
2021-05-21 09:30
Tbh I think Riot shouldn't do shit until the court finds him guilty. Yeah, he's probably guilty, but Riot just ruined his life with no evidence of his guiltiness. And what he's going to do now if the court says he's innocent?
2021-05-21 15:19
riot didnt ruin his life, like not even close, he had one of the most successful careers ever in the OWL and can still choose to compete in pro valorant after 6 months. riot suspended him for not cooperating with their investigation, regardless off whether he is guilty or innocent.
2021-05-21 17:17
"riot suspended him for not cooperating with their investigation, regardless off whether he is guilty or innocent."
That's basecally canceling him for not doing something he not obliged to do. And I really doubt some tier-1 team will puck him up after this story even if he's innocent.
2021-05-22 07:25
wdym "not obliged to do" ? he is obliged to cooperate with riots investigation, but he didnt so he was suspended. this is a different thing entirely to whether he is guilty or innocent. like its literally a rule in the valorant global competiton, and he broke it.
2021-05-22 14:59
"he is obliged to cooperate with riots investigation"
2021-05-23 09:17
rule 8.1 valorant global competition
2021-05-23 12:04
TenZ | Kai001
No means No from what i understand ok.. and fyi his ex does have a vids, if riot ask for it she will provide so she claim
2021-05-22 17:10
There's almost No coming back from this. I can bet in a year or so though, if he returns to pro VALORANT at all, SEN would have dropped him for sure and some lower-end pro teams are going to be overlooking his incident and try to pick him up because of his skill. And that's if they're desperate enough to go after him.
I was looking forward to SENatraa with the rest of SEN going after this tournament, but I'll take SEN TenZ over SENatraa any day of the week with his apparent past. I was in full support of him too until I found out that he wasn't actually cooperating because of how many false allegations do come to light and the timing of it, but him not helping with the investigation has made me lose support for him almost entirely.
I hope the investigation can come to a solid conclusion instead of joining the other 80% of cases where nothing gets proven or disproven.
2021-05-18 10:28
lets not over dramatize this.. I mean Im pretty disappointed in the response by Jay I def wouldve assumed he'd try to explain that night from his point of view but really nothing. To say there's no coming back from this.. I mean shiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeet lets remember Pedophilia is much harder to come back from than simply treating women like shit R. Kelly still around, MJ -- I mean you got professional athletes that have raped like allegedly by force (I dont know what the Kobe allegations were but lets not forget how quickly the world got over that) Then again Ray Lewis can shoot people in a club Its a weird world when you have some level of fame or money behind you-- or perhaps we've entered a new era of accountability... LOL it really feels like the internet is so toxic we hold those we can point out as guilty to a higher level of accountability since there's basically no accountability with anonymity... Deep I know.. I was just doing a bunch of coca1ne with.. lol jk
2021-05-19 14:37
Just so everyone knows. His non cooperation was him not providing RIOT with a video he did not have... How can you give some something you do not have. So of course he cant cooperate in that way. She asked him to delete the video, which is a very likely thing to ask for, when they broke up. Stop acting like RIOT are the police. Yeah he screwed himself over by saying he had the video but that does mean any of these allegations are true. Wait until the result of the police report comes out before you call someone a rapist. The sheer fact its taken as long as it had for any sort of news about the investigation to come out shows there are inconsistencies on someones side. Be patient before you choose to ruin someones career and livelihood.
2021-05-18 22:27
Kehmicals | ambo69
in the report they say multiple cases of lying and misrepresenting facts ON TOP OF never sharing the video he promised. Please do everyone a favor and read the full article before you spread misinformation, yet again if sinatraa is your hero then youre only following his footsteps by lying about this case 🙃
2021-05-19 07:49
Wish more of the internet subscribed to "innocent until proven guilty" but oh well. I'm waiting on everything to be out in the open either way it goes.
2021-05-19 13:19
it makes literally no sense why sinatraa would tweet out saying he would provide the full audio and video clips knowing he didnt have them, i know in one of his recent responses he said it was something his pr team drafted up but how hard is it to tell them you dont have the clips.
2021-05-21 17:22
2021-05-19 08:45
Not saying he's innocent, but if I am Sinatraa's lawyer I'm telling him to say nothing. Not one word. Not cooperating is the smart thing to do. Anything you do and say will be used against you, not for you.
2021-05-20 06:17
I think that much noise about a simple relationship is pathetic. Since I guess the biggest audience here is less than 24 years old, and probably not as much experienced to be able to judge properly these kind of "media situations", I will try to give you some light on it, as a quite experienced personnel in the field of journalism and populism.

First of all, without any doubt it is not uncommon at the age of Sinatraa, a male with established ego to endorse himself with the role of the masculine and dominant part in a relationship. It is fairly common actually, if even not the rule, in situation when the male had a strong father figure in his family and is living in competitive male environment, thus inviting his superego and instincts to show as powerful and potent, it is totally natural.

That being said, in these fairly common cases, if the girl in the relationship has a silent and suppressed in any way personality, not always standing her ground when she has to, it is possible such male who is power-starved as explained above to go above the border of common moral values and even make his spouse feel unequal and treated badly. That by itself is not a perfect romantic scenario, and I advise all people to evade being stuck in such situation if possible. However, as I said before IT IS FAIRLY COMMON THING! Yes, caps common.

The moral question in this situation is different than what media, and noise pollution journalism what us to look at. They want us to blame the person in the article, who is accused of "doing wrong things" and make even more noise, so their article becomes more popular. However the real things that our focus should be is to understand these situations and find ways ho to help people to evade such scenarios.

The reason for this kind of relationship problem are quite simple. The male in the relationship was at that time living in stressful situation and his male nature could overrule the moral norms, for unconscious reasons, or/and reasons which he is only consciously aware. Instead of pointing at the accused man with a finger, we should better think that possibly nobody prepared him about this kind of situations, and thus he fell. That is the job of the father in the family, and the father figures from culture and schools, to prepare the son for the situation which might arise in a relationship. For example if the father could not do this himself, a brief course with a psychologist on the topic would do MIRACLES about such future scenarios. Yes, the caps again.

About the female part, the things become even a bit more spicy. It is MANDATORY for a female to be thought how to behave in a relationship so she never experience something she would not like to. Again, if there is a problem with that, the reason is to be found with the lack of education from the parents. Having a easily submissive character does not mean that the person cannot reasonably decide when a something is good for her or not. But a lack of preparation can be the turning pebble in the game of life. So better explain these kids how to behave properly with each other or you WILL HAVE such situations, because as I said few times again, it is a natural phenomena occurring in social environment between two opposing sexes, when the one is submissive by nature and the other has stimuli to prove his worth.

Few more things... And take this one as my subjective guess: Many emotionally unstable females after losing an important relationship for them do foolish things - like publicly accusing their famous boyfriends of sexual and other abuses. If you know women a little bit you would know about women's vengeance. This is not a thing to laugh about. As much as a girl can love strongly, she can turn the other side once she is left on her own. I refer to emotionally unstable females only (God knows the world has a lot of those)! Even if she was happy with the situation while the relationship was continuing, when over, the lies start to pour like a summer rain. Lucky for me I have not experienced this, since obviously I am too smart to get in such deep sh**, but I've seen enough to say what I've just said.

And since I've just stated how d**n smart I am, I should at least give the audience a happy ticket, a way that everybody to be OK and well again and also, unban the poor VALORANT player:

Yes, Riot acted accordingly in such situation, it is the right decision to do so! However! There is a way out of this! Not in 6 but in 3 months! These kids need to see a psychologist, to talk about that situation they had and resolve it. It does not matter if it is fake, or not. The only thing that it is, is that's is ridiculous! Get the parents of these kids, or somebody close, with some more then two working brain cells, to explain them that this situation is neither good for the girl, since she gets deeper in the emotional hell, neither for the boy, since he is being banned of playing his e-sport professionally. Bring them to a professional who can very very very easily fix all that fuzz. Because it is only this - a fuzz about a situation of inadequate behavior. I want to see in two months how these two are having no more accusation with each other, and maybe some excuses alongside. And I want to see how this ban is being lifted in the third month. Because that is just a shame for the e-sports community. Having me type a post like that, means that there is something very wrong and it must be repaired.

If you are any close to any of these kids, please PM them to get their bearings and get well with each other. It is going to be only a benefit for both!

And do remember please, when you have kids, it is your duty to prepare them for the simple tasks of life, like how to have a healthy relationship and do not get into juicy-media sex-abuse articles online. jesus...

2021-05-22 06:22

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