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Jerk is the new fifth player for Renegades

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Late last month, Renegades have announced the departure of CP2 from their team and two weeks after Justin "Jerk" Milani is now confirmed to be the replacement. Justin has been around VALORANT from the beginning, playing with a lot of different teams through the lower tier scene always progressing by time to finally reach a great destination. THESPIKE.GG has covered over 4000 rounds of Jerk through his VALORANT career and he currently boosts a very good rating of 1.21 in 2021, 245 ACS overall and a 1.13 K/D.

The most agent that Jerk plays has been Raze. In fact he is currently the 3rd player that has most kills with the Showstopper in North America. On the other hand, CP2 was focusing on Astra so we will need to see what role changes will there be for the team or if Jerk will simply replace CP2's role. We will be able to see them very soon in action as Renegades will be playing in the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet - June: The Cook Out! kicking off their first game against Cracked and Dialed in Group B.

With this roster update, Renegades are now:

Ryan "winsum" Johns Devon "randyySAVAGE" Bréard Alexander "retrQ" Kadan Roy "StrongLegs" Ahad Justin "Jerk" Milani Evan "Warbirds" Olzem (Coach)


Dam jerk, I still remember him in his csgo days, glad to see him in a high tier team.
2021-06-12 03:27
Isn't Renegades tier 2?
2021-06-12 14:52

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