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Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE Viewers Guide

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After a busy post-Champions off-season, Knights Arena and Riot Games are set to host the first large North American tournament of 2022, Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE, from January 20th to January 23rd. Not only will the tournament feature a host of fresh-faced teams with new players and styles, but also the much-awaited official debut of the agent ban system. Find out about the invited teams, tournament format, agent ban system, and more in this Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE Viewers Guide.

The Main Event of the tournament hosts 32 teams, 16 of which are selected from the Open Qualifiers and the other 16 which are invited. The Open Qualifiers take place shortly before the Main Event, from January 13th to January 16th. A total of 256 teams will play for a $5000 prize pool and 16 teams will book their ticket to the main event, where they will be seeded 17th-32nd. The brackets are single elimination with best of three matches.

The Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE Main Event follows a standard GSL format with a double elimination bracket. There are eight groups of four teams, and the top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs. This stage is fast-paced, with most matches being played as best of ones, except for the decider, which will be played as a best of three. The playoffs matches will all be best of threes until the grand final, which is a best of five match.

This tournament will also be the first ever official with an agent ban system which will be implemented during both the Main Event as well as the Open Qualifiers. After the map veto, based on their seeding, teams will take turns protecting two agents each that cannot be banned. Subsequently, either team picks an agent that will be banned for the length of the series.

Since VALORANT is a character-based game, it was expected to develop an agent ban method sooner or later. It will be interesting to see how the system performs at high levels of competition and if this will set the precedent for tournaments to come.

Knights Arena VALORAMPAGE will be broadcasted live at the Knights Twitch channel and the Knights Arena Twitch channel from January 20th to January 23rd.

What are you most excited for at this tournament? Do you think the agent bans will be successful? Let us know in the comments.

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