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KOI bench shrew for MAGNUM

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KOI have announced today that Gabriel "Shrew" Gessle is moving to the inactive roster. His replacement will be Martin  "MAGNUM" Penkov, who was recently on the bench at Fnatic.

The beginning of VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 2 - Main Eventfor KOI was really very unsuccessful. After four losses against Team Heretics, Rebels Gaming, Movistar Riders and Arctic Gaming, they managed to win one game against Real Betis, but in the next game they lost again against Case Esports. KOI then decided to make the first changes to their roster. Gabriel "starkk" Marques left the team, and his place was taken by Alberto "neptuNo" González, who last season in the Regional League Spain: Rising played for Case and later for Zeta Gaming. This change made KOI manage to win against Team Queso, but it was a very short joy.

After that win, KOI lost as many as five games in a row, causing the European team to once again decide to make roster changes. Gabriel "Shrew" Gessle was moved to the bench, and his place was taken by a very experienced player, Martin  "MAGNUM" Penkov. The Czech spent the last few weeks on the bench at Fnatic, after his place was taken by Emir "Alfajer" Ali Beder after VCT 2022 - Stage 1 - Masters Reykjavík. Now MAGNUM is back in active competition and yesterday, in his debut for his new team, he managed to beat Real Betis by a score of 13-6. Today, meanwhile, KOI will face Case Esports in the 15th round.

Now KOI is:

Ladislav "Sacake" Sachr Oskar "PHYRN" Palmqvist Ramses "Famsii" Koivukangas Alberto "neptuNo" González Martin  "MAGNUM" Penkov Antonio "Aska" Lozano (Head coach) Sergio "sikako" Rodriguez (Assistant coach)

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