KRÜ Blaze reveal Game Changers roster

written by ArmandVanHelden January 10, 2023 at 12:22am
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KRÜ Blaze (formerly known as KRÜ Fem) have announced their roster for the upcoming Game Changers circuit. kalitA, romi, and the head coach fr1x are going to stick with the organization while conir is back on the roster after perviously being inactive. micaela and shyz are the newcomers alongside the analyst bebesita. KRÜ Blaze are the former [VCT GC 2022 - LATAM]( winners.

KRÜ Blaze had an impressive run during the 2022 Game Changers circuit. The organization won all three VCT 2022: Game Changers Latin America South Open tournaments, taking down Undead Female in each final. After winning the GC Latin America South Finals they were qualified to compete in the regional final tournament. KRÜ pulled out a 3-0 sweep over FiRePOWER to represent the region at VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship. The LATAM representatives went back home without getting a single win and now they are back at it with a new roster consisting of two new players to conquer the region.

Old friends and new faces

kalitA, romi, and conir have remained from last year's roster. They had a huge impact on KRÜ’s success. conir’s dominance was especially on another level as the player is now holding an excellent 1.46 rating. The Chilean-born is also sitting at a 1.60 K/D. micaela and shyz are the newcomers to KRÜ Blaze. micaela joined the team from 9z Team Female with a 1.23 rating, and Shyz’s last stop was TBK Female who is holding a 1.06 rating. Lastly, fr1x will continue his coaching duties and bebesita is the new analyst of the organization.

KRÜ Blaze’s roster for the upcoming VCT Game Changers season is as follows:

ArgentinaKeila "kalitA" NavaChileRomina "romi" ÁlvarezArgentinaLorena "micaela" Micaela FerreyraChileConstanza "conir" ReyesBrazilLuisa "Shyz" MinarelliArgentinaRodrigo "fr1x" Vivas (Coach) BrazilBeatriz "Bebesita" Hornes (Analyst)


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