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Last Rites announce VALORANT roster

by Germanicus 2020-06-05

News has been coming fast and furious lately as VALORANT has officially released, and Last Rites is the latest organization to get involved in the scene. Last Rites’ field a CS:GO team in Poland, which currently sits 9th in the Poland Ranking, and they support many content creators in Europe. VALORANT will be the third game in which Last Rites sponsor a team.

Last Rites’ Founder, Miles “coldf1re” H., gave THESPIKE.GG some interesting insight into how their roster came about. “The decision was made before the release of VALORANT. We were in talks with Przemek “zapp” Grynis weeks before that. Zapp said he had formed a team with Karol “tecek” Kapczyński and they wanted to storm into the VALORANT scene. Having such experienced players hungry for the game left me with a straight decision to sign them.”

Along with zapp, who actually played for Last Rites’ CS:GO team in the past and will captain the new roster, and tecek, Last Rites have signed Miłosz “miloszek” Narodzonek, Szymon “jms” Kurkowski, and Adrian “Silky” Gromyko. All of the players come from a background in CS:GO. Zapp, as mentioned, is Last Rites’ former CS:GO captain, while tecek and miloszek both played professionally. Tecek played for x-kom team and Izako Boars, and was playing for Team Brute all the way up until the release of VALORANT. He won several tournaments online and offline, such as the Good Game League in 2018 with x-kom team, and participated in the V4 Future Sports Festival against the likes of mousesports and Miloszek played for Pompa Team and Warriors Team, while jms and Silky are former semi-professional players.

“When Riot Games announced VALORANT, we knew from the start that this game had a chance to compete with CS:GO. The game has a big audience with a lot of support from the fans and it’s growing all the time, that's why we decided to hire a team. We are looking forward to the future of the game. Our goal is to become one of the best Polish teams and a competitive team on the European scene”, coldf1re said.

The apparent enthusiasm of the Last Rites is telling. If coldf1re and zapp’s faith isn’t unfounded, we could see Last Rites be a very competitive Polish team.

Last Rites' linup is:

Przemek “zapp” Grynis Karol “tecek” Kapczyński Miłosz “miloszek” Narodzonek Szymon “jms” Kurkowski Adrian “Silky” Gromyko


💪Polish power
2020-06-05 12:43
Polish scene is ded but lets go !
2020-06-05 13:06
Indonesia team... very interesting.
2020-06-05 14:20
BnTet all over?
2020-06-05 16:18
BnTeT is polish, not indonesian.
2020-06-05 18:46
2020-06-06 12:29
BnTeT the polish superstar.
2020-06-06 15:44
2020-06-05 15:22
Good luck!
2020-06-05 22:56
Welcome and good luck! :D
2020-06-06 11:31

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